Estefania Wollny: Your secret DSDS plan

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Estefania Wollny, 16, on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" – yes, that's right. While the candidates diligently gave interviews, Silvia Wollny's daughter, 53, was innocent in the background. Hardly anyone noticed. But why was Estefania alone? Does she have a secret DSDS plan that her dear, extended family doesn't know …?

Estefania Wollny: Does she work before Dieter Bohlen?

It would be awesome: Among Estefania Wollny about with DSDS with? In the previous episode (January 8), Silvia Wollny's daughter sat quietly in the graduation room with an envelope in her luggage – did she possibly hold her text in it – or her recall note? Unclear! Also funny is that Mama Silvia is apparently not on the spot. Does she know nothing about her daughter's superstar plans? We will hopefully find out soon.

Source: RTL; (2.v.l.) Estefanie Wollny at DSDS

On Estefania's shirt a number sticks! It means: She participates in the RTL show, Mini-Wollny is definitely musical and regularly uploads song samples to her Instagram account:

Will Estefania win the show with Mama Silvia?

"The girl, I am so incredibly proud of you, you can sing to me all day", Mamma Silvia commented on a clip of her daughter online. clear The thoroughbred mother is as proud as BolleAnd it can be! Estefania wrote her own song. The obvious title: "Mama".

Mom, what would I be without you?
Mom, oh, I love you,
Mom, you give me strength and courage,
Oh mom, you just do me good.

Mom, I love you! Through you I have experienced what love really is,
Mom, no matter what, I'm always there for you,

are the emotional lines that go directly under the skin. "I love this song, goosebumps, your family is so great", writes an enthusiastic fan YouTube, Here you can listen to the song. Perhaps Estefania affected Wollny soon all over Germany with her voice?

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