Escalation in Silvia and Sylvana

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Wollny is currently in trouble. Sylvana Wollny and Sarafina Wollny are planning to visit the shopping environment in the nearby small town of Heinsberg. But Sylvana's daughter Celina (5) does not want to come together and will instead play with her grandmother Silvia Wollny (53).

Sylvana is currently very concerned about her daughter and caring. Before she deals with her sister, she still warns her mother Silvia: "This is a construction site and not a playground, Mom. Keep an eye on them. "

Later, Sylvana speaks to her sister about her fears: "I am much more careful than mother and mother are just right and it is careless, I think." But Sarafina shows little understanding: "Oh, Mom has that little girl. You can't wrap the baby in cotton."

"The Wollnys": Silvia and Celina play

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"The Wollnys": The dispute between Sylvana and Silvia escalates

Silvia Wollny, whose fiancé Harald is currently in hospital, and her grandchild Celina are on a thaw, as Sylvana returns from shopping. When Sylvana sees her five-year-old daughter with scissors in her hand, she immediately takes Celina with her. Silvia is sad because of this and looks for the interview with Sylvanas friend Flo, who confusedly asks if Silvia knows where his girlfriend is.

"Yes, she took mucki and went home. So Flo, I'm so disappointed and sad. You can't imagine it. I'm trying so hard with Mucki"Silvia Wollny says. Flo explains,"I've also noticed that Sylvana is always more concerned about the little one. I don't know why. It must at least be changed."

When Silvia and Celina Wollny later go to the pool, the dispute between Silvia and her daughter Sylvana eventually increases. It comes to a battle between the two mothers.

Whether mother and daughter are tuned anyway, you can watch Wednesday at 8.15 pm on RTL II in the new double episode of "The Wollnys – A Very Large Family!".

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