Erkan Petekkaya's description of Ahmet Hakan: It was because of alcohol talk

adminDecember 27, 2018


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Playing Erkan Petekkaya, Hurriyet author Ahmet Hakan a, confirmed that the curse of the claim. Petekkaya, "After that, what I say polemically will be polemical."

Erkan Petekkaya was a guest at CNN Türks 40 program.

Petekkaya, "What happened between you and Ahmet Hakan?" Did you really answer? "" I went to brand prices for 4-5 days. Taste Award. My journalists rightly asked. I didn't know how to turn my career, "he replied.

Petekkaya continued:

I said I'm going to be quiet today and I don't want to talk. I'm closing this up today. I also don't want to upset myself or anyone else. Whatever I say, it's polemic. You don't need to talk, don't really need. Sorry, why should we regret again. It was because of alcohol conversations. Whatever happens to me, it comes from interviews. All is well. Everything is respectful, dear in the world. I'm not a vindictive person. I've never had a human. Not those who stole me. It's my nerve. It's not just for Ahmet Abi, it's like all people.

"I was very like being badly bad"

Actress Erkan Petekkaya said it was a celebrity and a lot of money never had a balance. But some things to live in front of everyone in the eyes of the error, the stress that gives the very wrong answer. Petekkaya stressed, "I was very upset when I was evil, I was very upset when I was sad. I couldn't control my anger when I was burned. I forgive myself for my mistakes and everyone. of my family, my friends, "he said.

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