Erkan Petekkaya: My monthly earnings are over 450 thousand TL

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Buket Aydin, Erkan Petekkaya's 40 bold questions, 40 bold answers received. Why was the famous actor focused on criticism in recent years? Did he say you forbid drinking? Why did he answer Ahmet Hakan? How is the relationship with other players in the sets?

Here are the explanations for Petekkaya:


I went to the brand price every 4-5 days. We got a taste price. There, the magazine's friends rightly asked. I didn't know how to shut up my career. I said I'm going to be quiet today and I don't want to talk. I'm closing this up today. I also don't want to upset myself or anyone else. Whatever I say, it's polemic. You don't need to talk, don't really need. Sorry, why should we regret again. It was because of alcohol conversations. Whatever happens to me, it comes from interviews. All is well. Everything is respectful, dear in the world. I'm not a vindictive person. I've never had a human. Not those who stole me. It's my nerve. It's not just for Ahmet Abi, it's like all people.

Erkan Petekkaya: Monthly earnings more than 450 thousand TL

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Actress Erkan Petekkaya said it was a celebrity and a lot of money never had a balance. But some things to live in front of everyone in the eyes of the error, the stress that gives the very wrong answer. Petekkaya stressed, "I was very upset when I was evil, I was very upset when I was sad. I couldn't control my anger when I was burned. I forgive myself for my mistakes and everyone. of my family, my friends, "he said.


Petekkaya, "To be so famous and a lot of money, can your balance be destroyed?" answered the question.

"No, didn't break," said the famous actress. "I lived in everyone's experiences were not different things. I lived it for everyone's eye. I was wrong. I gave the wrong answer when I was angry. Some of my problems when living in some senses broke down. But this was not because I am fame.


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Erkan Petekkaya, Buket Aydins "How was your life, how is it now? Is there a limitation? Fame takes away the freedom of mankind. Someone takes a place, makes a joke to friends, calls calls, but when you do, it's a problem. Can you tell? "" Fame doesn't care much about me. I tried to do my job well, but some freedoms are also limited. If I look at it all in the final, I'm not complaining about it. you through X-ray somewhere.Biy He strips me more.Lets I go home tonight & Erkan Petekkaya, or he robbed and robbed him, "he says. I'm trying to get frustrated by thinking about the benefits of what I bring to this job, by saying "it's my business. It's my dear.

"I can't check the antibody when it's very nice"

Buket Aydin, the famous player asked if there was an attack control problem. Petekkaya stated that he could not control his anger when he burned so much, he said:

"Yes, it is, but it was as if I was very injured, it was very unfair to me, and I could not control my anger when I was trying to play with my career, bread, family life. I started by giving number 10 to every person I met, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 1, 0, I went to minus 35. But again I gave every 10 people I met, so I'm very sorry, but I won't change it, I have to look at the past and get my lessons, be quiet when I get to know the age more and more, I forgive everything and I will forgive myself for my mistakes, a nice look and so more frustrated if you have broken the reasons to tell me, why did you beat me? i want to ask you better, try to learn the reasons, and i will try to live a higher quality life.

Erkan Petekkaya: Monthly earnings more than 450 thousand TL

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"More than 450 thousand months"

In 2016, Nurgül Yeşilçay was tried in the case of Erkan Petekkaya, declaring the monthly income of 450,000 TL. But the famous player made a new statement, "Now I earn more than he does," he said.

The previous 450,000 TL statement is true, says Petekkaya, "I thank God, yes. I earn more than that right now. But I am a person who distributes half of what I earn. My hand is very clear. as I do not help, they do not say it is unmistakable.

In a sense, of course, I invest in the future of my child, my future and my old age. When is the money needed? For health, to increase the quality of life a little more, it is necessary in old age. I win, that's true, but I do.

I don't win alone, everyone wins. Hundreds of people in these sets bring home bread. I have a big responsibility. I have to do my part very well. I'm not the only one who is 150-200 people in a set. They beat their families with 500-600 people. I have no chance of playing badly. I can play badly, I don't know. Some of them may not like me, but I always do my best, "he said.
"For free I played very ridiculous."

Petekkaya, "I won money after the White Poppy. I make money from him before. Things are not so well known. Sequences you found me from abroad to Turkey bring a lot of money. Come millions of dollars. Arrays I am in, "I believe the piece in 80 countries. Thank God, I am very happy with it. My colleagues have a lot of money for my country," he says.

New alcohol and explanation of smoking from ERKAN PETEKKAYA

The player Erkan Petekkaya, given that it uses in an interview: "I think we should urgently alcohol and ban on smoking" to bring clarity to the sentence: "I give you an answer even hicvederek harmful. & # 39; re not banned in Turkey, is forbidden in the world I said It took religion, they have tools politics, lynching My family, me, the audience who saw me disrespectfully, very angry, sorry, I took my alcohol.

The player said:

"I was very similar to this"

"They told me something about this. Yes, I said something like that. I told you, but they drew it to such places, therefore our people have really been so bad, why can't I understand it, I can't figure out how is who you are with 3 people who was an interview that the mischievous question. On the back corner of a weekend, the format of a particular interview. And then the question came to me, article by article. Hidden nothing had sent me and the phone was interviewed. Such sit opposite "Turkey's Problems? And then I said," Don't say something like a drink. "I say stupid? Is that what I say? To someone I say something like that? They took this to religion, and they acted in politics, they flashed. "What have you been in?" I never thought it would be like that.


The question is, & # 39; if you wanted to remove something from the world what would you like? & # 39; I am a man who has been attracted to alcohol. I have fifty thousand views. Everyone knows what is what. I gave me a scary answer. It was like: "Let the chocolate be banned, candy is removed from the world." If you look at the interview, you will see it. Let social media do what great people have done. I posted the old page of my old photos. 13-14 years ago I put linens and sheets. They disrespected my family, respected me, respected me. I was very upset, very upset. Can't we say anything? We can't do humor? And I'm really a person who can say it. I really did. I've tried many ways to get rid of this. "

"I'm not alcoholic, I wasn't a time"

I'm never an alcoholic, I've never been. Who pulled this 500 episode series? Who took them under these working conditions? How so many still love me. Something would have left me my wife, my friends. But I did. I took shelter in him to get rid of some things. But I've never been an alcoholic. When I looked in the evening, dear, my blood began. I went to the doctor. I even used some methods to keep in mind that I wouldn't move away. I took advantage of medicine. That's how they got my name. I'm not an alcoholic. I'm like a human being. "

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