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The Battle Rounds heated up in "La Voz" on October 16! A coach knew it was the right time to steal this incredible participant! – Take a look at our summary!

The voice Battle rounds continue in the episode on Tuesday (October 16)! However, Battles began unexpectedly in the second half of Monday's episode, which featured the last batch of Blind Auditions. Last night, we were introduced to each of the advisors that the coaches chose to join them in the battle rounds. – Blake SheltonThe counselor is Keith Urban; Kelly Clarkson& # 39; S is Thomas Rhett; Jennifer hudson& # 39; S is Halsey; And, we have not yet been introduced to Adam & # 39; s!

This is how battle rounds work: coaches will devote themselves to developing their team of artists, give them advice and share the secrets of their success together with the help of their famous advisers. During the battle rounds, the coaches will face two of their own team members to sing the same song together in front of the studio audience. After the vocal battle, the coach must choose which of his singers will advance to the next round of the competition, while the losing artist is available to be stolen by another coach. Each coach has two robberies during the battle rounds.

KELLY TEAM: KYMBERLI JOYE Vs. Once (the duo) – Kelly chose Kymberli, from her entire team, to face a duo due to her strong voice. Kymberli and Oneup, the same-sex couple who performed together for the first time on the stage of The Voice, will perform "Mercy" from Shawn Mendes. Thomas Rhett listened to his essay and called it "perfect", a word that says he does not use much. In the end a voice dominated TWO …

  • KELLY: Kymberli Joye
  • STEALS: Any

TEAM ADAM: ANTHONY ARYA Vs. STEVE MEMMOLO – First Adam introduces his advisor, Cee Lo Green! Adam admits that although Anthony, 15, is not "as polished" as Steve, he still has something interesting in his voice. Meanwhile, Steve, a 35-year-old wedding singer, has many years of experience under his belt. They will sing, "Amy" for Pure prairie.

  • ADAMSteve Memmolo
  • STEALSJennifer Hudson

ADAM TEAM: JARRED MATTHEW Vs. TYKE JAMES – The two completely opposite singers interpret "She is always a woman".

  • ADAM: Tykes James
  • STEALS: Any

BLAKE TEAM: CHRIS KROEZE Vs. MERCEDES FERREIRA-DIAS – Blake chooses "Back In The High Life Again" for Steve Winwood for the two to battle. He says he will be the person who shows more emotion through his voice, who will win this battle. J. Hud says they were "equally great," while Adam praises Chris.

  • BLAKE: Chris Kroeze
  • STEALS: Any

TEAM BLAKE: RAQUEL MESSER Vs. KATRINA CAIN – Katrina, an "electro-pop" singer and Rachel, who has a country sound, is a strong couple. Blake chooses "Angel" for Sarah McLachlin, because he says it is a song that is right in the middle of his two sounds. Blake chose his winner because his performance was something that you simply can not "fake".

  • BLAKE: Katrina
  • STEALS: Any

TEAM J. HUD: MIKE PARKER Vs. NATASHA GREYCLOUD – Jennifer chooses "Gravity" for John Mayer, because she wants to "get the soul out of them". In the trials, J. Hud said that Natasha has a lot of scope but is not using it. She also says that Mike is cutting his notes. But, it was a totally different story when they came on stage. Both singers gave the best performance of the night, with Kelly saying that Mike is a "star". Meanwhile, the other judges praise Natasha for her madness.

  • J. HUDMike
  • STEALSKelly


Below are the results of Monday's battle:


  • KELLY: Cody Ray Raymond
  • STEALS: Adam, J. Hud, Blake; She chooses J. Hud;


  • BLAKE: Michael Lee
  • STEALS: Any


  • J. HUD: Patrique
  • STEALS: Blake


See the complete equipment:

Team kelly: Sarah Grace; Mikele Buck; Claire DeJean; Chevel pastor; Delaney Silvernell; Kymberli Joye; Erika Zade; Cody Ray Raymond; Abby Gates; Josh Davis; Oneup;

Team Blake: Kameron Marlowe; Michael Lee; Keith Paluso; Mercedes Ferreira-Dias; Dave Fenley; Rachel messer; Chris Kroeze; Kayley Hill; Caeland Garner; Katrina Cain; Colton Smith;

Team adanTyke James; Radha; DeAndre Nico; Steve Memmolo; Anthony Arya; Foushee; Reagan Strange; Natalie Brady; Jarred Matthew; Jake Wells; Funsho;

Team J. Hud: Tyshawn Colquitt; Franco West; Patrique Fortson; Kennedy Holmes; Audri Bartolomé; Natasia Greycloud; Thomas Thomas Thomas; Mike Parker; Zaxai; Lela Matt Johnson; Sandyredd;

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