Enker, The Grinch, Diamantino … Movies to watch or avoid this week

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Four desperate housewives turned into professional robbers, the famous manual green jealousy of the Christmas pen or a football star that grows a generous breast … What do you watch at the cinema this week? Election and advice from the editorial board Figaro.

To see

widows, Steve McQueen's drama, 2:10

In Chicago, death goes wrong and leaves so many wives destroyed. Head is Veronica. She is visited by a tough one who leaves him one month to find two million dollars that her husband owe him. From the plans left by the latter, she convinces the other widows to organize a robbery.

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Steve McQueen, Director of Twelve years a slavefollows the footsteps of a Soderbergh or a Michael Mann. He films the city in bluish light, maintains a excitement of good quality, alternating humor and violence. It passes by a violent resignation of the ubiquitous corruption in the political world. It's not so different from mobsters.

The heirs, drama by Marcelo Martinessi, 1h38

Chela spends her days sprawled on her bed, takes medicine and leaves her little house in Asuncion, Paraguay. Chiquita, his companion for thirty years, manages the daily tasks. The situation becomes tragic when the latter, accused of fraud, is imprisoned. Chela darker little by little. To the meeting of young Angy, charming and uncomplicated, which opens the world.

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For her first feature film, Marcelo Martinessi, 45, the beautiful and moving portrait of a woman releases is painted. Even though it's a bit tight, the big plans expand as Chela's horizons grow. The director sets her heroine in the majesty, filming them as close as encouraging them to free themselves from current laws.

permission, drama of Soheil Beiraghi, 1h28

Afrooz Ardestani is the captain of the Iranian women's futsal team – the indoor five-one-side football. When embarking on the airport to compete for the Asian cup in Malaysia, Afrooz's passage refuses. Her husband, whom she separates, has vetoed, as Iranian law allows. Afrooz will try everything to lift the ban that can end his career.

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Soheil Beiraghi movies with dramatically coping with high confrontations: sports, marital, psychological, legal, political. Afrooz and her husband's horror are worthy of a George Cukor. Your relationship, especially complex, is brilliantly arranged.

Grinch, animation by Scott Mosier and Yarrow Cheney, duration 1h26

Alone in his cave with his dog, Grinch is hungry. He must go down to town. Unfortunately, Christmas is soon, and the locals will disturb the calm. His only solution for finding peace is to … steal Christmas. His encounter with a malicious girl will interfere with his plans.

Anti-Union Fable, How Grinch Stole Christmas, written in 1957, seeks to make the children aware of the generosity and spirit of Christmas. Scott Mosier and Yarrow Cheney register her first performance. And boasts of being able to modernize the story while keeping you updated.

We can see

Travel to Yoshino, drama of Naomi Kawase, 1h50

A French scientist, played by Juliette Binoche, returns to the Japanese forest to observe a rare phenomenon of flowering. She had been in this area before and had a passionate love affair. That she finds twenty years later. Through several meetings she experiences nature, change and disappearance.

The plot is far from clearly legible. In one way it is mixed into the world of forest, which is both sensitive and hermetic. But Naomi Kawase makes us living in the forest like no one. Here is the grace of the film, which can lose and annoy the viewer, but offers moments of incomparable beauty.

Gutland, thriller by Govinda Van Maele, 1:47

A vagabond stranger, Jens comes from nowhere in an isolated Luxembourg village. He tries to find work there, but the local farmers, suspicious, are reluctant to help him. While he is able to integrate, he discovers the scary depths of the small community.

In this first feature film, director Govinda Van Maele produces a well-functioning thriller that manages to play effectively with the audience's nerves. The film is carried by two outstanding actors Frederick Lau and Vicky Krieps – already noticed in Phantom Thread.

To avoid

● Robin Hood, Otto Bathurst's Adventure Movie, 1h57

Robin des Bois, the great-hearted brigand, no longer comes out of Sherwood Forest's corners, but from a family of British gentlemen. A crusader party is fighting a Moorish leader, returning to England, discovering that he has neither wife nor fortune. He decides to rebel against the Sheriff's corrupt power.

After Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Russel Crowe, young Taron Egerton takes up the torch. A movie on hunger Games, a little stunner. Give aspirin at the end of the session. Ben Mendelsohn plays the bad guy. With $ 14 million raised after a week's operation in the United States, for a budget seven times higher, the movie produced by Leonardo DiCaprio is already a historic flop.

Diamantino, fabeled by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, 1h32

Diamantino is a football player in his country, Portugal. After a missed penalty, he falls in the honor of the population. Become a subject of national taunts, he tries to give an opinion to his existence. Begins adventurous experiences between genetic engineering and migration crisis.

In this so-called satire of football player Cristiano Ronaldo, actor Carloto Cotta, who is not afraid of ridicule. This grotesque and boring fiction has yet to win the Grand Prix of Critics & # 39; Week in Cannes. This time, it is not a quality criterion.

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