Endgame was determined before the start of production

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Take the premiere of the first trailer Avengers: Endgame One of the most important mysteries around the film was exactly what the name would be. After all, Russo Brothers had ruled out that the title of the movie had been part of the dialogues Avengers: Infinity War, Ask questions about most theories.

But here we are, so few months from the premiere of the expected movie, so effective It is called as the phrase used by Doctor Strange in the third Avengers to describe the only scenario where heroes could defeat Thanos in a universe with 14 million opportunities. Very encouraging

Considering the Russian word and all the time the title of the movie was a mystery – two years ago the name was discarded Infinity War Part II It is logical to ask: When was the name A determined?Vengers: Endgame? And who better to answer that question than Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president.

Under the red carpet of the Golden Globes, where Feige went with the illusion of seeing a price that did not come up for Black Panther, from MTV They asked the manufacturer for the MCU when the title was selected for the fourth Avengers.

"It was decided before we started developing the movie or just how we developed it, yes, replied Feige. "Saw it Doctor Strange says the line because we knew it was the title. "

think about it Avengers: Endgame began its production in early 2017, parallel to the movie of Avengers: Infinity War. So Marvel Studios not only managed to keep this secret for more than a year, but also the film's directors would intentionally have wanted the fans to name the movie.

Obviously, both were strategies and also helped to increase expectations of what would be Avengers: Endgame.

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