End of speculation: Karol G revealed how many operations have been done | TV and show

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Carol G is undoubtedly one of the latest revelations of urban music as with themes such as My bed and culprits, has won many followers who follow it.

The regatta donor, also known for its curvaceous figure, is so many people who wonder that it is not just natural but has undergone some aesthetic operations.

In a Colombian program called Goes to from La FM, the artist replied what her fans look the most in her search platform.

One of them was related to operations, so the singer confirmed that four times she has entered the operation, even though they are three of them due to health reasons.

He also explained that the only time he underwent cosmetic surgery was to get breast implants, according to Ahora Noticias.

There, she also realized that many times, when traveling to other countries or giving interviews, she is confused with American Becky G, because of the similarity of their names.

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