Emma Coronel "disappears" again from the attempt at "El Chapo"

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Emma Coronel She hasn't been in the Brooklyn court for three days, where the trial of her husband takes place, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loeraand one of his lawyers said he could return within the week.

According to reports from defense members, the beauty expert is in Mexico, and she decides when to travel and return to the United States.

Colonel was the last week of the experiment in December, when he took his twin daughters and handed over his husband.

When does Emma Coronel come back? Jeffrey Lichtman during a delay of the trial.

"Maybe at the end of the week", she said briefly, although another defense assistant, who omitted her name, said she was handling her agenda and not informing anyone.

Coronel has been in virtually the entire test since it began November 5, even in previous hearings he attended.

The first time he missed was at the beginning of the week from 14 December to 18 when he went to Mexico for his daughters, he visited his father in court as a Christmas present.

This way, "El Chapo" has been relaxed in court, even jokes with its translator and attorneys, even though they don't listen to what they say is smiles distributed.

On the last day of the statement from Vicente Zambada, both exchanged glances on several occasions, and when the son of "El Mayo" completed his testimony, he raised his hand in the form of a farewell to his friend, who just nodded.

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