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adminDecember 30, 2018

In recent months, love began to live with Sadettin Saran Saran's news and news news on the agenda of the news that he broke the news 11 days ago Emina Jahovic's attention.

Emina Jahovic, who started her private life after divorce with singer Mustafa Sandal, had come up with the news that he was in love with the businessman Sadettin Saran. This relationship lived away from the eyes for a while, and then hand in hand with correspondents who met news of the last day's duo made in the direction of the news. Jahovic shared the clippings of the newspaper clippings in the split news, let laughter emojis on it, and denied the news, even though it wasn't clear. Jahovics second division, with the exception of this refutation, was extremely striking. In particular, Emina Jahovic, who refers to celebrities who share happy, gloomy social media, has shared a fact with their followers and wrote the following lines:


Verme Do not let Instagram fool you. They are just people with many friends, but only a few like. People who are loved by more than 100 people but are also lonely. Couples who look very happy together are as unhappy as hell. People who do not share important images of themselves and others, but in a beautiful, loving relationship in People who know each other very well, but who work abroad. People who have come to the neck, but they live generously. Remember, this is not real life. un

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