Ellen Pompeo has renewed her contract in "Gray & # 39; s Anatomy" by Shonda Rhimes until the 15th and 16th seasons, becoming the highest paid dramatic actress on television with a record $ 20 million per year.

Ellen Pompeo took the opportunity to call a magazine for her lack of diversity in the middle of an interview.

During a round table with actresses Gabrielle Union, Gina Rodriguez and Emma Roberts for Porter magazine The theme of "Women In Television", the main woman of "Gray & # 39; s Anatomy", expressed concern that the composition of the audience did not reflect the real world.

"This day has been amazing, and there is a ton of women in the room," said Pompeo, 49. "But I do not see enough color, and I did not see enough color when I entered the room today."

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Pompeo, the third best-paid actress on this year's small screen, took her statement a step further, highlighting the general lack of Hollywood diversity. She made reference to a recent example on the set.

"I had a meeting with a director … I told him:" When I appear on the set, I would like to see the crew look like the world I walk in every day, "Pompeo said. "And I think it's up to all the productions to make sure their team looks like the world we see."

The actress, who has three biracial children with her husband Chris Ivery, continued: "As white people, it is our job, it is our job, it is our responsibility to make sure that we talk in every room we enter, that this is not well and that we can all do better, it's our job because we created the problem. "

The star of "Jane The Virgin" Rodriguez expressed similar thoughts about inclusion.

"I take care of the projects I do," he said. "When I realized that the & # 39; they & # 39; never included … a person of color … I said in my projects, they & # 39; they & # 39; will be.So I started my own company just because that's the only place where I can control. "

Union noted the challenge of raising the conversation about diversity earlier in his career.

"It was not something that got lost in me, I just did not have the courage to say it," said the star "Breaking In." "There is a part of me that felt lucky to be here … never, never would have thought to say it in this space because I do not want to be ungrateful".

Pompeo, excited, replied: "That's why it's my job and that's why I say & # 39; we bear the burden & # 39; because they do not feel comfortable expressing it. I'm happy to have it in any room at any time".

look at the full interview here.

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