Ellen DeGeneres puts Chrissy Teigen through her most terrifying haunted house so far

adminOctober 25, 2018


There is nothing in this world that Ellen DeGeneres likes more than to scare the celebrities, okay, maybe Portia de Rossi takes first place, but terrorizing her guests has become a hobby for the presenter of a program of interviews

So what better way to spice up your annual segment of haunted houses starring your ever loyal executive producer Andy Lassner than to throw Chrissy Teigen into the mix?

That's right, the author of the supermodel and the cookbook agreed to submit to the horrors of Purge Maze at Universal Studios Halloween of Horror for our enjoyment, and to DeGeneres "crazy and sick and twisted," according to Lassner.

"I would like to say that Andy was very brave, but that would be a total lie," DeGeneres said when presenting the video clip.

Teigen is the game from the beginning, wondering how bad the five minutes in a haunted house can be, but he quickly realizes what awaits him.

Threatening figures of all shapes and sizes appear in both, sending one to the floor and the other running through the house just to end this.

Happy Halloween, Ellen style!


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