Eliana says she felt betrayed by Ana and Dave

adminJanuary 11, 2019

"It's one thing to be a horn, it's another thing to be horny and gentle," he said in statements to Júlia Pinheiro's show.

The alleged involvement of Ana and Dave was one of the most talked about issues of the "Married at First Sight" show. The alleged sex night that existed between the two participants, who married in form with other peers, has been denied by both in the later interviews, but it seems that Eliana has a different opinion on the matter.

In an interview with Júlia Pinheiro's show, the young woman from Caldas da Rainha, who married Dave in "Gift at First Sight," said she felt betrayed by her husband and her friend Ana.

"I really thought that the most beautiful thing I would take from the experience would be my friendship with Ana, but the foundation of a relationship is respect. In my opinion, it left a lot to be desired.", he began to say.

"She says no, and he says no, who should I say yes. I do not encounter anyone," she replied as he was asked about the alleged engagement.

Eliana says she believes in the now ex-husband, but at the same time claims that she knows that visas would never have the courage to admit to public failure.

In his opinion it would be easy to solve the problem so as not to harm anyone:[Ele] She wrote to complete, she wrote to complete as well, and arranged another way to promote herself professionally. They divorced and then made their lives. But as long as they are married, there must be a basis for respect. And they can tell them what they want … ".

Eliana says she was "warned" by Hugo and one of the experts who immediately warned her that she was always defending her friend. Without listening to them, the competitor could not avoid feeling hurt. "It hurts the lack of respect and does not hurt him, it hurts her", he regrets.

"They wanted to do things they didn't show up for the whole country", he claims, confessing that he himself felt uncomfortable approaching the streets of people who regretted the fact that he was betrayed in the program. "It's one thing to be a horn, another thing is to be a horn and a tame one", add.

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