Elena Gheorghe was printed in real life! Her husband saw her with ALT MALE (PHOTO)

adminDecember 31, 2018

Elena Gheorghe was seen on another man's arm! In the middle of the capital, in the dark, the singer saw his hand with another man than her husband.

Everything happened at a pizzeria in the center of Bucharest, where the star was about to leave. The cold outside made Elena Gheorghe look for a man's strong hand, but this time it was not her husband's!

This happened even though her husband was present. Furthermore, they all spent a couple of hours in the local area, and at the end, the artist decided to turn to the arm of a friend of friends, reports Spy News.

The bad gags have said there is something between the two, but the rumors have stopped because even behind the two is Cornel Ene, the artist's husband!

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