Either Erdogan or nothing!

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The previous night …

A CHP politician called. "Metin Akpınar-Müjdat how to take a stand He asked! Ini

In fact, his opinion is secure; He believed that Akpinar and Gezen had been rejected. But he would not oppose the public opinion he created; "magic formula"was after!

For this reason, CHP Deputy Chairman Mehmet Bekaroğlu, I condemn Metin Akpinar, I disagree with his words; but I also condemn those who sent him there after the President's speech. I condemn them both"He said!

Really …

In this corner, Metin Akpınar's words codes Will solve; "fascist Mussolini hanged from his feet" etc. I will write. I give up. Because …

We face more serious problems! currently:

AKP-Erdogan is always with a basic strategy determines the agenda the political field Configuration.

So … Opposition social policy values subject to "exam":

– Are you dancing?

-FETÖ supporter?

– Are you national?

– Are you opposed to fair value?

Quiz questions continue inexhaustibly …

AKP Erdogan opposition The conditions set by their own "I say"pulls into the field!

Democracy and political legitimacy only their sets are; Limits their own limits!

here… into this political room catching oppositionis sometimes unable to know how to accept the "artificial police game" of power and media!

"Both horseshoes and nails"How's that counting?

The threshold is afraid to oppose the "public" created by the media and the AK trolls. (That's why he could be expelled from his party too! That is not experienced!)

But they must say, "King Naked."


Sorry …

Turkey "administrative-legal single Listed with scary games "…

It's not just the opposition, imposed political play involved (Including Abdullah GülWho is it; Try to be discredited immediately; them and He is threatened to "pat the neck." I mean …

The role assigned to everyone is:

You will agree with Erdogan or you will be punished!

For this reason … Metin Akpınar and Müjdat Gezen become the first and last in the head. This understanding of violenceStarted with FETÖ; AKP government continues …

This is actuallyThe manifestation of "erdogan cannot be criticized"!

This is actuallyThe threat of "getting out of the political sphere we set"!

This is actually"Erdogan solutions to Turkey's problems cannot be produced outside" imposition!

this authoritarian-ground dominant understanding drag us into the abyss. But who cares?

-What about Ak-troll pay …

– The public media is fond of fame …

– In the law's case …

-The notor is looking for "need" …

Rights and freedoms a lip he is in jail!

Who cares what the name Metin Akpinar really means?

Who cares what Transat Gezen actually said?

They have created an unmistakable leader in their imagination / dreams, cheat and linger. I'm sorry.truth shows Break down the enemy They will queue everyone!

They don't even care about being an old, sick, artist.; they only have "friendly" and "enemies" for them; and "opposite" everyone they intend not to leave impunity …

I know these …

SAMPLE AKP & # 39; S

My curiosity is this:

Sincere AKP members …

Land-society-people devastating this vandalism– Doesn't he see the dangerous exit?

From journalist to artist to lynch I'm not going to be a party party. as a citizen what do they think? Are they so easily convinced by emotional issues? How do they quickly pass the artificial "us" and "them" dilemma of the election strategy? And see: We are no longer talking about political orders; organized evil– We're talking about violence. Journalist artist not only; Istanbul airportWe saw what was done for the workers who were looking for their right! Every time you say no, every opponent eats the stick, gets thrown into the dungeon! Lifestyle is not tolerated – even in some districts …

How can it be a crime to say, "This is not the end of the course?"

Can polarization of polarization be beneficial to the country?

Everyone must take care of:survival or destruction"Founded on logic Political understanding leads to disaster

-Muhalefetsiz- answer Is democracy possible?

– No idea sorusuz is politics?

The notion is dictatorship. Son of man, from the choice of fascism from Hitler to Mussolini did not draw much?

I would like to address the discreet AKP members:

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