Eight former TV realities TV competitors climbed to the altar to say yes! Find out who they are

adminDecember 30, 2018

This year was characterized by love.

Delphine Gonçalves, former competitor of House of secrets 2, was the first to marry this year in February. Kelly Medeiros, winner of from the farm traveled to the altar in May when she was eight months pregnant with her son Lucca.

Vera Ferreira, better known as "Veríssima", also from the House of Secrets, who said "yes" in June.

Still in the summer, the Angolan tuch and Sofia Muzychak, ex-girlfriend of Bruno Savate and ex-Secret Story, eternal love with the companions.

In September, it was the tour of Lourenço Ódin, the first transsexual to participate in a Portuguese reality show.

To end the year as a whole, Nuno da Silva and Cynthia Noriega, ex-Love on top, Celebrated Love in December.

Look through our gallery and remember all the marriages of former reality practitioners in 2018!

Text: WIN Writing Digital content / images: Impala and DR Archive

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