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The filmmakers complained about the inability to increase their earnings for 5 years. Turkey's largest salon operator was faced with filmmakers because of this problem. So are the movies released? Here's the answer …

The tension between manufacturers and Mars Cinema Group is growing day by day. The filmmakers say Mars Cinema Group has reduced its share in the campaign's name. Here are the opinions of the relevant parties İşte

What do the parties say about the m-ticket corn "debate?

CGV Mars Entertainment Group Corporate Affairs and Compliance Director Lawyer Aslı Irmak Acar said, Kurumsal Cinema operator can make specific promotions. These campaigns are discounts to the consumer. The manufacturers don't want it. Preventing this will be detrimental to the consumer. The filmmakers want the movie tickets not to be included in these campaigns, he said.

Lawyer Burhan Gün, Secretary General of the television and film producers' association (TESİAP), said: File We wanted the tickets, revenues and transparency to be shown to us as well. Because it's a nuisance there for us. Otherwise, we are not interested in what the consumer will get on the ticket price. Egypt cola goes through expression, it's not very true. We are not grain, the ticket, said Konum.

Will the movies be exposed?

CGV Mars Acar, the public in recent days and some filmmakers and some half operators confront the manufacturer's rights on the grounds that the rights of the filmmakers boycotted the film operators on the grounds that the rights of the two parties made a statement on the problems of disagreement.

Noting that the process has been going on for a long time, Acar said that since they couldn't get a result in the meetings, they were not present at the last meeting.

Acar pointed out that they had heard they had heard about the decision to postpone movies or not to Mars at the last meeting.

Where It is not possible to receive results from campaigns, menu card campaigns. This is a very large information pollution. In cinema films, in the cashier's office, taxes and expenses are deducted, 50 per cent of the manufacturer and 50 per cent of the cinema operator. This is the system, the price is determined by the cinema operator, it should be legal. The cinema operator can make specific campaigns. These campaigns are discounts to the consumer. The manufacturers don't want it. Promotions, especially in small provinces, are very interesting. In contrast to the reflection, we have our only ticket sales.

The consumer can either use a single purchase or a campaign. The campaign is actually something the consumer wants, something they want. The filmmakers want movie tickets not to be included in these campaigns. The discount will be reduced by 50 percent when the ticket is discounted, because 50 percent of the cinema operator falls Car

Is it a single ticket?

Aslı Irmak Acar, which brings the fact that manufacturers do not offer an alternative to the consumer, stated that a very wrong opinion has been created, has the right to take advantage of the campaign or the right to purchase a ticket has been left to the consumer.

Looking at the overall Turkey, 20 percent of Turkey's campaign pointed out that Acer prefers manufacturers because it does not want to divide the fallen producer.

Acar responded to boycott claims and found:

Iz I do not see it as a boycott, there is always something that can be handled on the floor, but it is a commercial decision, if we make such a decision at the end of the day, we respect it. 4 No producer in Turkey, with other producers lucrative film there we will continue with them, will not leave the Turkish people in filmless "

How much does the manufacturer pay?

Responding to claims that the proportion of filmmaking is low and not getting its rights, Acar said. The filmmakers are overwhelming this and it is better to confirm with another manufacturer. If you look at the average of the manufacturer is already 5 pounds, this part also varies with respect to the film. This percentage is not affected by the 20 percent campaign that I do, Benim said.

What will change with the law of cinema?

Recalling that Parliament has a proposal on the law on cinema at the moment, Acar stated that this should be the main problem the sector should be talking about.

Acar, point out that there are two things that affect the consumer, especially:

Ları An ad time and one for promotional offers and bulk ticket sales. The pre-movie ad is played. Our average advertising time in Turkey averages 21 minutes. In my 2018 estimated wife, advertising revenues are 74.2 percent. This is a very serious figure. This means that as a cinema operator I don't get much, I earn to advertise.

We invest in East, Anatolia and Southeastern provinces. It's a $ 200 million investment in our 5-year plan. I can make this investment with my advertising revenue. Reducing advertising times will lower my wife and reduce my investments and affect ticket prices. This will be against the consumer,

Acar asked to discuss with advertisers advertising times.

The proposal also contained the presentation of the campaign and bulk ticket sales to the manufacturer and distributor. I None of the manufacturers are looking at the campaign. If this proposal is adopted, the campaign will benefit the consumer. Bu

What do the filmmakers say?

Notes that the filmmakers will make movies with a better budget every day, TESİAP's Secretary General Av. Burhan Gün told the following:

Etti System felt the need to reopen after a place. At this point, for cinema films, is the first copyright of the movie theaters. It's a law that hasn't been written for many years with cinemas, and it's also the world. This system works according to law. The filmmakers give their films to the distributor, and they give them movie theaters. It's the setup. The filmmakers said, "Give us what we are," he said.

When filmmakers started making big budget movies, they began to question the revenue. The cinema collects the revenue, we call it royalties, it gives the distributor it to give it to the manufacturer and to the manufacturer. It's a problem here. When we reflect on the salary, we fall to the point that what we are not right is the story out,

The distributor stated that there is a written contract between cinema and theaters, saying they want it to be written.

Noting that the contract is necessary for the industry to reach this maturity, Gün stated that these requirements were not consistent.


Day, the description continued as follows:

Vinegar Secondly, we wanted to show us the ticket money, the revenue and the transparency. What comes, how do we have the right division? Because it's a nuisance there for us. Otherwise, we are not interested in what the consumer will get on the ticket price. The campaign campaigns they want can do activities that attract people to cinema, even though we support them, but it's a problem when revenue is reflected.

Egypt cola goes through expression, it's not very true. We are not grain, tickets. That's when they give the ticket in the corn, for example, the ticket 10 pounds, corn 10 TL Let's say … Reduced price applies, it reflects the whole ticket, need here. He claims to have made a discount, but he retains his own income by using a discount on the ticket and not discounting his own earnings. And if it is, we don't see it. They say they did nothing like this, showing us this in a transparent way. "So we can give you the right thing, let's close the subject, we said"

Do they intervene in ticket prices?

Gün also mentioned mass agency sales activities, emphasizing that there is no inconvenience to them, they do not reflect it in accounting, they do not reflect on themselves, so not how they reflected.

Day said:

Uz We do not see if all income is allocated to the manufacturer or the manufacturer is given a share. These people come and watch the movie, so royalties are born so they have to pay for it. This is requested. It's not about its business. Unfortunately, however, the topic tries to create a perception that disturbs ticket prices. We are certainly not in the hunt for such a thing, we sell tickets for cheaper, more people go to the cinema, that is our problem. That's why our manufacturers are trying to make bigger and more qualified movies. But at the end of the day, in an accounting game, if you don't give us what you deserve, you'll call. Our members also searched for our profession, and within the framework of the legal framework we sent a warning to them in the process from May, within the framework of their written and transparent actions. But they did not want to create a compromise on this issue

Then they contacted the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Burhan Gün, later told that the meetings held at the meetings were attended by producers, operators and distributors.

"Long advertising time will hurt the movie"

The day, which says they are in violation of the rights, he continued:

Iz We are against the loss of some technical details of the powerful party. Here the state's losses are formed. If the tickets are properly reflected, the state's share of the ticket will be taken correctly. We've given them this. Our state, "Then I lay down a few provisions on the subject, let's get the order," he said.

That is why we now support the bill that has been referred to the Assembly. There are some critical issues. First, advertising times. They act unfairly about this. Filmmakers also have moral rights, that is, they are entitled to the film's integrity. When you advertise for 30 minutes in front of the movie, and 15-20 minutes in between, you begin to damage the film's moral rights. It can take advertising, but time is 25 to 30 minutes, it will be reduced to 10 minutes according to the law.

The day said they were looking for a solution that would not harm the copyright of the public.

What do operators except Mars say?

Burhan Gün, pointing out that they do not face directly with the CGV Mars Entertainment Group, provided the following information:

Ik We called the Association of Cinema Hall Operators and the associated groups. As a union, we cannot save a single group; Some of the cinema operators other than Mars said: We are with our producers, they said they gave us the right thing. That's why we had problems. The CGV Mars Group has its own commercial interests during its opposition. That's why he resists, but those interests have turned into a conflict with our entire industry, our cinema, so he comes forward. Without content, people do not go to the cinemas. The producer who produces the content says, movie I can not do anymore, I am in a difficult position, please give me my right so that I can make a comfortable movie İçği

"Producer income is the same for 5 years"

Notes that the producers did not get their share, Gün said:

Arasında Looking at the 5 year average, ticket prices are between 10-12 pounds. Here, the state's share, tax, producer's pocket 4.9 and 5.2 lira remain in the pocket. Same for 5 years, don't you have a kink? Turkey average we say this, believes that the movie is starting to grow is very successful. But it is true that for us it is about the general. Looking at the average of all Turkey, some sort of 12.12.5 has not been shown on pounds, but ticket prices increase by 20 percent annually.

You don't look at the same movie as the ticket price five years ago, but the manufacturer is still at the same point. This situation will not be reflected on the audience, it will be reflected in the corresponding hello operator, opposition from him. Approval of our request does not affect the ticket price and may even be withdrawn. We want our copyright to be given in the framework agreed by the parties. We claim that he is not assigned.

Is it a boycott?

Burhan Day, the producers replied that the boycotts. Emphasizing the association's decision to make a boycott gave the following information:

Az These are related to the authors' own discretion. Nobody ever said, El I'm not going to make the movie. File The reason for these delays is that they want to establish a written contract because this process is over. Otherwise, there is no boycott and they will make business decisions. There is no such decision from us. Demand from the Union, transparency, contracting, giving the producers the rights to them, supporting them in the new law, supporting them, attracting ad times to the point of view, looking at the audience more qualified, quality films and reaching more audiences. "


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