Effective recommendations for preventing mosquito bites

adminDecember 26, 2018

The winter is already here, which means that there will be less heat in Miami "Capital of the Sun".

At the Miami Daily Newspaper

Many people love to celebrate outdoor parties and therefore it is important Protect yourself from mosquito bitess. The idea is to avoid catching serious diseases caused by some insects.

Here are some recommendations to avoid mosquito bites:

"The use of mosquito repellent approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. UU. (EPA) is one of the most effective ways to prevent mosquito bites, says Dr. William Petrie, director of the Mosquito Control Division in Miami-Dade County.

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Miami is one of the several mosquitoes in the United States

They confirm the case of dengue in Miami Dade

"In general, repellents containing DEET, picaridine, IR-3535 and lemon eucalyptus oil are the most effective. They also help limit the amount of exposed skin when peaks and long-sleeved pants are worn."

Other recommendations for reducing the likelihood of mosquito bites in winter are:

Remove any deposits Standing water in your home and try not to collect water in containers to avoid possible mosquito nursing sites.

it old tires, empty pots, damaged fridges and broken appliances, potential mosquitoes are breeding grounds.

make sure Keep rain channels clear because they tend to get clogged with time. The idea is to avoid possible reproduction sites.

Hold yours pool with associated chemical specifications, although the temperature is a little uncomfortable for swimming. Fill the children's pools with the correct water level to avoid the accumulation of vital fluid.

use briquettes of larvicides contains natural substances approved by EPA: Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis), in bird baths and fish ponds and in Bti granules in decorative plants, eg bromeliads.

The use of Bti in canister or in granules eliminates mosquitoes during the larval phase, which avoids the occurrence of adult insects with the possibility of itching.

Close doors (with optimal screens) and windows to prevent the entrance to the mosquito to your residence.

Make sure all your screens are well preserved. This is very important if you are determined to keep the air conditioner off at this time of year

Boat owners must Cover them with tarps to prevent water buildup.

Finally, you need to call 311 and download the new mobile application from Solid Waste Management Department of Miami-Dade County. This way, you can request a health inspection visit to your home.

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