Eddie Murphy with her 10 children

adminDecember 27, 2018

The 57-year-old comedian just became a father for the tenth time after his fiance Paige Butcher, three weeks ago, a boy Max Max baptized.

Celebrating his remarkable fertility, Eddie was an epic image of all ten of his children, Paige and his mother.

In the photo posted on Instagram by Bria Murphy, the oldest daughter of the actor, Eddie keeps her Izzy Oona, the great daughter she has with Paige. In front of them are his fiancé who holds her newborn baby, and beside her is her mother, the actor's future mother-in-law.

Angel Iris, Mel B's 11-year-old daughter, formerly Spice Girls, whom Murphy had a relationship over ten years ago, also appears in the picture.

On Thursday's left, Eric, 29, is the first son Murphy had with his former wife, Paulette McNeely. The second son of the actor, the 28-year-old Christian, whose mother is Tamara Hood, is the last to the right.

Daughters Bella Zahra, 16, Zola Ivy, 19, Shayne Audra, 24, and Bria and Miles for 26 years, the kids comedian with Nicole Mitchell Murphy completed the picture.

On the first line is actress, the one with whom she has a very close relationship with.

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