Eddie Murphy is for the first time with her 10 children

adminDecember 29, 2018

The American actor Eddie Murphy cannot be happier after making up for the first time with her 10 children as part of the holiday season.

Proud of his offspring, the 57-year-old comedian was surrounded by sons and daughters, who did not hesitate to be with their famous father on such special dates where the love of the family is best.

The picture was shared by his daughter Bria in your account Instagramwhere the model also appears Paige Butcher, fiancee of the comedian, with whom he has two children.

In the picture you see Eddie in the middle who holds the little girl in her arms Izzy Oona, what he had with the butcher.

Around comics are: Eric (29 years old) he was with Paulette McNeely; Christian (28) fruit of the relationship to Tamara Hood.

The Christmas card also shows her daughters Bella Zahra (16) Zola Ivy (18) Shayne Audra (23) and Bria (28) as well as his son Miles Mitchell (25) What he had with his former wife Nicole Mitchell.

I couldn't miss it Angel Iris (11), which he had with the British singer Mel B, former member of Spice Girl.

While his fiancé, who is next to her, charges Max Charles, the youngest of the Murphy clan, born November 30, according to what was published by People magazine.

The photograph was taken at the foot of a staircase, where everyone showed their best smile.

The picture has more than 38,000 likes.

The picture also shows Eddie's mother and Paige's mother, says TMZ's specialized portal.

Bria also shared two other pictures where the comedian only stands with his daughters, except the youngest Izzy Oona.

In the second picture is the proud and famous father with his older children and Bria.

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