Ed Sheeran must try the alleged plagiarism of a song

adminJanuary 7, 2019

London, UK

The singer Ed Sheeran has received a new legal backlash after the magistrate is in charge of studying the lawsuit against him, as well as the producers of his song Thinking Out Loud and the Sony record, of the heirs of the poor Marvin Gaye. rejected his request so that it was automatically rejected.

In this way, and as a result of admission to case processing, the case that affects the British interpreter will go directly to court proceedings in the United States, and it will mean that a jury will finally decide whether the song mentioned above, published in 2014, plagiarizes certain elements of the mythical Let's get it on (1973) by the late artist.

If Marvin Gaye's relatives win this lawsuit, which was unveiled in June last year, Ed would have to throw out the $ 100 million they requested.

According to government issued this judge by Judge Louis Stanton, his decision to take the case to the next level is based on "significant similarities that exist between many events and melodies of the two songs."

As reported by the BBC, Stanton has come to ensure that members of the jury "will be particularly impressed by a video depicting Sheeran from one song to another with incredible ease" during a concert three years ago.

Currently, Ed Sheer's legal team has not publicly responded to this recent decision, but it is unlikely that his current position will deviate too much from what he already held when he asked the magistrate to dismiss the case based on "in-depth differences in style and theme" who, in his opinion, distinguishes both themes.

In his opinion, the song of the young artist is "gloomy and with melancholy touches, inspired by a romantic and lasting love", while let's put it on, constitutes a distinct "sexual hymn".

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