Ece Erken, Demet Akalın's secret messages

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Ece Early s / he will not host the Söylemezsem Olmaz Program and threatened Singer Demet Akalın with heavy words and lashed out.

"I married 3.5 years old"

"You know me for years, I know when I need to talk about my privacy, but I'll talk to my most transparent form, I'll talk to my cleanest form. I'm a 40 year old boy, 3.5 years old. " Serkan Uçar is not the father of my son. I am the judge with Serkan Uçar, his mother Halime Uçar and amused Güldeniz Uçar. "He said. Earlier, explaining why the court is early," Anger has no control over my child's father, Serkan Uçar wants to live in the home as a boarder. Güldeniz Uçar (elti) and Serkan Ucar have previously seen in other journals correspondence you have seen how much I hate me. But if the court makes such a decision on my head, but I will make my child look with the Ucar family only under the supervision of experts. I only have one child support and I get alimony every 3 months. Serkan Ucar also saw child support dependence Continued alimony reduction continues in that case. used terms.


Demet Akalın 2 months ago at 8 am on his mobile phone and said that the message Ece Erken, "Demet Akalin, me by sending a message to Güldeniz Uçar (Ece Erken's eltisi, Serkan Uçar's brother) about" What this family Wish you Many faces near many counterfeit accounts at a magazine site, & # 39; & # 39; he said insults. Ece Early also said Demet Akalın in this way said in his messages that this family had cheated another family, and that was not the first time I heard that he added his words and shared his subtitles with Demet Akalın live in the air.

"Welcome to what I wasn't there"

Ece Erken's most annoying event is that Demet Akalin spoke of Serkan Uçar and his family and then he came closer to social media. Demet Akalın & Serkan Ucar and his family are frustrated with the Ece Early live broadcast to Akalın, "2 months ago about Serkan Ucar and his family, telling me this Demet Akalin yesterday, Serkan Uçar and His sister Güldeniz Ucar follows a follow-up and corresponds to social media, I couldn't believe people were so bad, but they are so bad! I'm the real face of Demet Akalın, but I didn't talk about it. Gülben Ergen to follow Erhan Çelik. I always say that there is no friendship in this community Demet Akalin, I opened my house after fighting with Ibrahim Kutluay and I opened my house, my wife was my beloved after I opened the house My tuner Oztarhan left me, I'll tell you why Demet Akalin? Why do I tell the court to retire? You're in court now, and I'm in court saying you are deceiving, "you hate you, every day you Go and add to the degree of disease "follow Are you the family, and then you say we are old friends. Let's look in court, calculate them all, all the answer you don't want. We remove the correspondence with me before we can see how old an old friend is, "he said.


Demet Akalın related to the poison to continue Ece early: "I know people are playing bread, I know people are playing with honor, I know people are playing with honor, don't do to me! You said about the Ucar family for 2 months ago what sneakers by slanders … You said everything will be true everything now you tell me to take to the track in the old friend? come Demet Akalin. all you know the true face of turkey not come up with your songs "Infection of other people's families," he said. On Demet Akalın front, Ece Erken's claim has not yet been received.

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