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adminJanuary 6, 2019

Like, as the Austrian says, Blitzgneißer
among ARD Sunday night thriller friends are in Cologne Crime Scene: Next, over and over again
(WDR editor: Götz Bolten) moans (or rejoices) about an apparent one
Error. Namely, when they see that the tattoo of Nikolay Nikitin (Vladimir Burlakov) is on the left side of the neck.

Since 2010, Matthias Dell writes weekly about "Tatort" and "Polizeiruf 110". At ZEIT ONLINE since 2016 in the column "The obduction report".
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In fact, it should be placed on the right side
be – if patron Frank Lorenz (Roeland Wiesnekker) saw it
wishes, as he gives at the beginning of the episode on the record. Lorenz was on the right
from the car when he asked Nikitin to get out and he can't look around the corner. The apparent error in
Mask (Ulrike Bruns-Giffel, Peggy Lilkendey) is not one – he leads
rather directly into this unoriginal curly the scene (Book: Arne Nolting, Jan Martin Scharf).

Lorenz is an old colleague of Fab Five Freddy (Dietmar Bär), whom he consistently addresses as "Schenki". Lorenz figure
have something lost, loyal, while problem bearers are indicated,
is in it: While "Schenki" as Commissioner draws his tracks,
Lorenz has been ordered back to the splash pool on the patrol operation. it
Love, the alcohol, they say. The slightly invisible character goes through
Fatigue excused; Continuous use, overtime, they say.

So established Next,
always on
a main character who is not easy to see through at the same time
but the only reason for the investigation is formed. Lorenz had the boy
Pascal Pohl (Wolf Danny Homann) will control under the influence
Prohibited substances, however, ran from the car right in front of a tram
is. Lorenz then describes death as an escape from evil people as well
which should include Nikolay Nikitin. And it organized with the word
Crime is described – the mafia, whose tattoos and carts
The patrol remembers exactly (and oddly enough, he doesn't remember
License plate).

From Lorenzen's testimony, Cologne leads the scene his excitement, the real
The conflict in the movie is a credibility contest: while
"Schenki" and Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt) follow the instructions and
Find no trace, Lorenz comes with ever new evidence around the corner. And with light
Associated claims against the armchair mirror on the executive floors.

Once he meets an informant from the scene, who
again will know that a mafia mole is sitting by the police
Proof of disappearing. With the audience's sympathy, at least
Returns cards to the side of the simple policeman. because
Director Sebastian Ko tells Fränkie Lorenz the nights at the same time
aesthetic mode like the rest of the movie: Everything just looks like in
the scenes with "Schenki" and Ballauf.

Jesters can claim Next, over and over again be a contribution from the scene to the case of Claas Relotius,
the mirror-Report, itself
especially thought of his award-winning stories.

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