During the press conference of the members of the judges at the Cairo International Film Festival

adminNovember 26, 2018

A press conference was held Monday morning at the open theater of the jury members of the Cinema Al Ghad competition, Critics Week, International Arbitration Committee and Critical Ahmed Shawki Editorial Committee. Each committee reviewed the main features of the competition and the films presented for 15 minutes.

The conference began with the start of members of the Judging Committee of the Cinema Tomorrow Competition, which was programmed, German university professor Cathy de Han, Algerian director and scriptwriter Karim Moussaoui, and apologized for participating in Egyptian actress Yasmin Nasir.

Kathy De Han, thanks to Cairo International Film Festival's cinema photographer Mohamed Hafizi and his team for their efforts at the festival. She also praised the role of critic Andrew Mohsen, director of Al Ghad Cinema, and his good choice for the films that participated in the competition.

And she explained that her presence at an international festival over 40 years and the judging committee for one of her contests is a difficult responsibility as it is a carnival that attracts the attention of the filmmakers in the world. She noted that she enjoyed seeing a large number of films from Africa and the Arab world. For the Day "by Hala Khalil and" No One There "by Ahmed Magdy at International Critics Week.

Moussaoui said in his speech that he was pleased with his first visit to Egypt and stressed that the Cairo Film Festival is the reference of all Arab festivals and his participation as a member of the jury of one of his most important competitions. He pointed out that the Film Selection Committee has great knowledge and achieved a diverse program of cultures and issues "He cares about humanity."

And ask the jury members what attracts their attention as jurors, and let them decide to award the film prize? The He said the task is difficult, but the different experiences of jurors, both in acting, director and programming, help to select the winning movie. Moussaoui also replied that he always waited for the film to surprise him and introduce something new and different.

Members of the Critics Week judges panel included Ahmad Al-Hassani, director of the Tetouan Festival, American critic Emmy Nicholson, Egyptian director and cinema photographer Mohamed Hammad, praising the efforts of the Cairo International Film Festival and his team to show the festival in such a way. Different from previous courses.

Ahmed Hassan, a critic and member of the evaluation committee, thanked critics Osama Abdel Fattah, director of the critics' weekly competition, for his confidence in his election as a jury member. He also praised nice and good choices of films that participated in the competition.

Asked about the impact of their financial background on the evaluation of the film, Hassan said that the selection of films is a difficult task, especially since the crowds around the world, as well as the various productions and the great complexity of the task and film critics program are more difficult because the choices must be different because the background Cognitive and Philosophical and Monetary Help in the selection of movies and hits the example of the Tetouan Festival, explaining that he offers him more than 300 work and should choose the best of them.

Hammad added that those who choose the competition films are critics from Egypt, most are first or second experiences from their industry and his view in the evaluation confirmed that his focus is on the different vision or vision, as well as the treatment of the story or subject,

Emmy also said that the critics' film contest includes a prominent group of films, and she explained that before she was a professional, she was responsible for recording films at the Sundance American Festival. She has extensive experience in this field. She pointed out that this background gives her respect and appreciates the effort to choose and choose the good and the different Of the hundreds of films presented to form the festival.

The critics of the International War League, which began in France and Bulgaria in 1925, began to come to the theater. They were composed of Bulgarian critic Bogidar Manov, Egyptian critic Essam Zakaria and Moroccan critic Rachid Naim. The Union is now 93 years old and has 49 member countries in addition to 400 members of critics and authors from countries that do not have a criticism.

He added that 75 arbitration committees are being formed throughout the year, including seven committees participating in international festivals (A), including the Cairo Festival. He also said that for the first time, he pointed out that the committee focused on the international competition and so far as 12 of 16 films.

Manouf confirmed that he decided to attend Cairo after watching the movie "Dommedag" at the Cannes Film Festival, which led to discovering new kinematic worlds because he is very far away in Bulgaria from Arab cinema. After this year's experiment, he will be very interested in this cinema.

Essam Zakaria said: "I am honored by my membership in the Egyptian branch of the International War League. What distinguishes Fibersian arbitration committees formed by a group of critics who get the prize for greater privacy because they are most familiar with the history of the cinema and the new film movements and are very interested in the artistic aspect. And the effect of the film on the viewer in general.

Essam explained that the jury has the opportunity to discover promising filmmakers because they can see how their work is prepared for development and renewal. He pointed out that his participation in the jury is not the first, especially since he joined them in 2004.

Issam Zakaria emphasized that this course is witness to many developments and additions, as well as feature films. He clarified that the logic of choosing a winning movie is either an artistic artwork or an artistic innovation or a filmmaker who has good performances and a preference for cinema as a kind of recognition for his film performance.

Moroccan critic Rachid Naeem said he was happy to visit Egypt, especially since he was the first. He explained that he was honored to attend the Cairo Festival because it is the 40th season of the festival, which keeps the audience aware of its prominent activities and films and the vision of the films. And his pleasure.

The jury members in the international competition, led by the Danish film maker Bill Augustus and member of the Philippine director Bryanti Mendoza, the Tunisian actor Zafer El Abidine, Italian director Francesco Monzi, Egyptian director Hala Khalil, Argentine producer and director Juan Vera, the Belgian actress Natasha Renier, Diamond Ben Abboud and Kazakh actress Samal Yselyamova.

He said he was proud of his presence at the Cairo Film Festival, and was always welcome to the opportunity to watch movies. Juan Vera said that the course included a large number of important films and that it was the first time he attended the festival and enjoyed watching movies. He emphasized that he considered the festival as the most important festival in the region. It allows for freedom.

In his speech, Zafer Abdeen emphasized that he has a special relationship with Cairo. He explained that he had the opportunity to participate in the jury in international competition, an important opportunity, and pointed out that he has seen films from different countries and more languages.

Natasha Renier said that the membership of an international jury was an opportunity to watch movies around the world and an opportunity to share experiences, gain new kinematic meanings and expressions and talk to different characters in the cinema.

Briente Mendoza emphasized that he enjoyed film, culture and the environment. He explained that his presence as a member of the assessment committee should not only be seen, but to understand and enjoy the film industry. He pointed out that the festival carries different cultures and a long history and is an opportunity to learn about African cinema.

Hala Khalil explained that she was the first time she participated as a court in the international competition and was a member of the jury in the Arab competition over a year ago. She thanked the committee's confidence to choose to take a trip around the world through the competition films. To see the biggest number of movies and learn more about the cinema and greatly benefit from Bill August's experience.

Members of the Jury of Arab Film Horizons Competition, Abu Bakr Shawki Director, Tunisian Aisha Ben Ahmed, Palestinian Mohammed Qabalawi, and the Best Arabian Film Aiten Amine, Klaus Eder, Tunisian Nadim Cheikh Rouh, Judge for their participation in the arbitration program for films participating in competitions.

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