Duchesses Meghan and Kate reconciled to Scrabble

adminDecember 30, 2018

They are said to have buried hatchet at Christmas: the Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate are approaching again.

Royal insiders have reported months of heavy air in the palace. Did Duchess Meghan (37) and Duchess Kate (36) finally reconcile? The mood between the women should have been icy recently: For different, the two kings, who fought warmly, were Meghan Kate's staff susammenstauchte. Friction between Kate and Meghan threatened to drive a wedge between Prince Harry (34) and Prince William (36), according to insiders.

Body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail a few days ago that Meghans and Kate's good mood at the traditional Christmas service in Sandringham, England, was just for fans and photographers. "Her body language reminds me of the politicians who want to give diplomatic impressions," she explains. "They are blocking and copying each other all the time – a sign of forced friendship." The expert looks for the whole thing.

"They laughed together"

The more surprisingly now the alleged reconciliation message: Duchesses are approaching holidays – and settling the differences in a Scrabble game. An insider says "The Sun": "After the Queen's speech, board games were played and the two joined in the game. The pregnant Meghan did not dream, but Kate had one or two glasses of wine and everyone was in a good mood. They laughed together. was not visible to the two, it was amazing. ”(Kad)

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