Duchess Meghan: "Suits" came back with baby ball

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Duchess Meghan, 37, has made an incredible offer from Hollywood. Although she has actually given up her acting career, she could now return to "costumes".

Series comeback for Duchess Meghan?

It would probably have waited at least: Duchess Meghan could actually go back to Hollywood now. The manufacturers of "Suits" will lure Californian back into the TV series with an attractive offer. For a good cause, Prince Princess's wife is in her role again Rachel Hatch.

Her series of roles, like her, would also be pregnant, all scenes being shot in England. The creators obviously hope for their comeback Record the audience numbers,

These kings were already sniffing the Hollywood air

How important the pregnant woman is the caricature, she already showed last year. She brought them in with the victims of the Grenfell tower cookbook out.

Will the Duchess Meghan resist this generous offer from the dream factory? After all, decision makers give her one Gage millionsshe can donate Already in the summer she had explained how much she would miss her serial colleagues – so with her repayment she would kill two birds with a stone.

Furthermore, it would not be the first time a royal would taste a show blowing air. Prince Harry and Prince William recorded "Stars Wars – The Last Jedi" as a Stormtrooper – even though they were later cut out of the movie. And even Queen Elizabeth played a Bond Girl with Daniel Craig as part of the Olympics.

Duchess Meghan needs positive pressure

In addition, Duchess Meghan could after all bad rumors To push to use a dispute with Duchess Kate again positive headlines.

Although the 37-year-old officially completed his career in May 2018, it is not unlikely to return. And as it says, the purpose justifies the funds.

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