Duchess Meghan: Is the startling comeback coming to "dresser"?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Updated January 8, 2019, 11:56

For seven years, she was part of the law firm "Suits". But when Duchess Meghan intervened in love, she married Prince Harry. However, the producers of the series have a great desire: they would like to see the member of the British royal family again in the series.

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Being part of the British royalty and belonging to the cast of an American series? For Duchess Meghan, Markle, 2017 was no longer compatible. She went here "Suits", where she played the regular lawyer Rachel Zane. The series is currently in its eighth season, and for that reason, the producers now have a special desire: a final look of Rachel Zane.

High sum is in the room

As "Sun" claims to have learned from an NBC employee, there is a supply chain-linked supply that gives Duchess Meghan $ 2 to $ 6 million when making a small comeback. The money must then be of benefit to charitable purposes. Can Duchess Meghan say so? Finally, she now uses her position to support social projects.

Pregnant Rachel?

In addition, there would only be a short performance, which would have been shot in half a day, and would not take too much time on the busy duchess, said the source "The Sun". Even the pregnancy would not be a problem, eventually Rachel could have a baby stomach in front of her.

But if the pregnant duchess wanted to make a day of shooting at her old workplace, it is still doubtful. On the royal side, no one has yet commented on the offer. (JOM)
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