Duchess Meghan, in the middle of a marijuana scandal. Where the information is left

adminDecember 28, 2018

The duchess of Meghan de Sussex is at the center of a marijuana drug scandal that he would have served guests at his first wedding with film producer Trevor Engelson, according to thesun.co.uk.

Picture of Duchess Meghan, in the heart of a marijuana scandal. Where the information is left

Duchess Meghan, in the center of a scandal related to marijuana use

Several emails sent when American actress Meghan Markle to friends came to the British press, and in them spoke the current duchess of her plans to offer marijuana guests to the wedding with Trevor Engelson in 2011 in Jamaica.

When a friend advised her to buy special cannabis bags, Meghan replied, "We've already ordered".

The source that emails have come into the British press has also told The Sun that Meghan has helped run marijuana cigarettes and filter them before releasing them into gift bags for guests. Meghan would have bought marijuana with Jamaican hotel staff where the wedding took place.

"It didn't seem like something he would usually have done" said the source of The Sun. "Trevor and his friends probably had more experience with this (marijuana, n.r.) I think she was quite the kind of guy who prefers champagne and roses." the source was added

Earlier this month, Megan's father, Thomas Markle, with whom she interrupted, said in an interview that her daughter served marijuana guests at her first wedding.

Meghan collaborated with Engelson in 2013, and Prince Harry met him three years later.

Meghan's grandson, Tyler Dooley, has legally grown cannabis in the Canadian state of Oregon, and has even launched a line of marijuana-based products called "Markle Sparkle", before the wedding of former American actress and Prince Harry of Britain, who took place 19 May.

The Dukes of Sussex will be parents in the spring of next year.

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