Duchess Meghan gets four new tasks

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Duchess Meghan becomes mother for the first time this year. But not only that: their four patronages have just been announced.

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The palace is said to have received four messages from Queen Elizabeth II of her date child death, Duchess Meghan, through the National Theater and the Commonwealth Universities Federation, as well as the two charity projects Smart Works and Mayhew.

The National Theater and Commonwealth Universities Association have held the Queen for 45 and 33 years so far. Now, Duchess Meghan looks to her new duties. She met regularly with employees from organizations over the past year to learn more about them. On Thursday, she visits Smart Works and in the coming weeks the other three organizations.

What are the organizations?

The Commonwealth Universities Association is an association of all universities in the Commonwealth, launched in 1913. The network includes over 500 institutions in more than 50 countries. The ACU grants various scholarships and promotes training. A subject dear to the 37-year-old duchess.

Like the National Theater, Meghan has a very special relationship as a former actress. She supports a theater program that promotes the creative education of young people.

Smart Works helps long-term unemployed and defenseless women regain confidence in interviewing and returning to work. The organization was founded in 2013. Meghan has been involved in women's empowerment for years, for example as a former ambassador for UN women.

Finally, the organization covers another area that is important to Meghan: The rescue station is committed to cats and dogs in distress. It was founded in 1886. It is known that King of Prince Harry is a true wildlife. The four umbrella organizations may not be better suited to Meghan.

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