Duchess Meghan distributed the joints at her first wedding

adminDecember 28, 2018

It would be a special celebration for its guests: Today's Duchess Meghan would illegally join friends and family at their first wedding in Jamaica.

Her first wedding could hardly be any different than her other: Before Meghan (37) praised Prince Harry (34) in a fairytale wedding in Windsor in May last year, ex-actress producer Trevor Engelson (42) married in Jamaica in 2011,

As "The Sun" reported, Meghan would give her wedding guests a special gift at the party: she announced in the e-mail before the wedding that she would distribute the joints of the friends and family. In the emails, Meghan advised her friend to buy special bags for cannabis she wanted to give away in gift bags. The actor replied, "I already ordered her. Small (Sachet, editor's note) for the grass, pssst. »

Meghan helped the guests roll the joints

According to insiders, Meghan even helped guests to the wedding to roll the joints. As guests report, Meghan and her first husband have come across a hotel employee to the drug. Seasoned: Cannabis possession was illegal in Jamaica at the time of the wedding.

In early December, Megan's favourites made headlines at their first wedding when her father, Thomas Markle (74) spoke about it. In an interview, he said he was not consuming the drug at that time. "It's illegal, but not a big deal in Jamaica. It's almost common there. I don't smoke any grass, and as far as I know, Meghan doesn't. I think I gave myself away."

Meghan's marriage to Trevor Engelson lasted only two years. In the spring, Duchess Meghan awaits her first child with Prince Harry. (KAD)

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