Duchess Kate's cute nickname for Princess Charlotte

adminDecember 29, 2018

Sometimes the kings are wonderfully ordinary. Regardless of whether Duchess Kate breaks a Christmas tradition, or it publishes funny images of royal offspring, the Earth renders down to earth fans very much. Now there has come a detail that makes the Royals a little more normal.

Prince George, Prince William, Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte are already in Christian mood

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Duchess Kate: Dear name to Charlotte

Duchess Kate (36) has a sweet nickname for her daughter, Princess Charlotte (3). Passersby experienced this during Christmas on December 24th. Duchess Kate also had to get something fast and drove her kids into town. There, spectators could hear a nice conversation between Kate and Princess Charlotte.

Duchess Kate called her daughter a sweet pet name. By the way, this seems to be a family tradition, because Prince William (36) used this nickname already for Duchess kate How cute Princess Charlotte is named by her mother, you will learn in the video.

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