Duchess Kate: Your best mom trick

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Treating, educating and, above all, taming three young children is difficult, but not impossible. IN Know how Duchess Kate, 36, gets everything done.

Duchess Kate is a mother of power

One has the diapers full, the other hungry, the next just crying like that. Having three toddlers is not easy. Even the Duchess Kate can sing a song from it. Well, Prince Prince William has Nanny's who supports her. But they are only allowed to make it very rare.

She is with a full heart motherShe enjoys it a lot and will not give her responsibility to other people. Nanny's looks if she has important dates. But otherwise she and her husband do everything

says a palace inside.

Spend time together is such an important aspect of family life. Clamps are very important. And for me as a mother, it's easy family moments to play out together, which I suppose

said the Duchess once.

and She's in fresh air every day with George, 5, Charlotte, 3 and Louis (eight months). Unless it is raining, storming or snowing. So puzzle with them or create crazy pizza compositions.

The two love to get their hands dirty while they are baking,

raves Kate. She prefers to be in nature with her children. And it has two very good reasons.

"For one thing, she doesn't want her kids to always sit in front of some screens. Tablets and smartphones are still absolutely taboo. On the other hand, it's fresh in the air and makes you tired. And what parents aren't happy when kids go bed completely exhausted in the evening? "says a friend of the family. Pretty smart!

Prince William is proud of his wife

Clear that her husband William is totally excited about Kate's material qualities.

He knew she would be a good mother, but she's just perfect, he is so proud of her.

says a friend of the prince. Of course, your children should not just play with each other. "The duchess therefore arranges play day for kindergarten and school friends three times a week for George and Charlotte. Soon she will take care of Louis so. That's very much her important that the three begin early, to socialize outside the nobility, They should not grow up in the belief that they are better than other people who have no title. ", a palace worker knows.

Kate's children are well-educated

This earthquake is also noticeable to George and Charlotte. Wherever the two appear, they are always very polite, say thanks and thanks – and not just to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, 92, but also to employees.

As the British press reports, Charlotte recently needs to go to the toilet. Kate quickly went with her to a nearby pub. everything nice down to earth! "Supermom Kate" Therefore, the British call their Duchess proud. because good manners and above all understatement is not as important in any country as in the UK.

Text: Lennard Jähne

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