Duchess Kate feels exploited by the Duchess Meghan

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The peace around the Duchess Meghan and Kate does not last long. Just two weeks after her redeeming Christmas performance, it says: Kate feels exploited by Meghan.

Duchess Meghan (37) and Kate (36) laughed together in the cameras before the traditional Christmas service in Sandringham, England. There were no signs of strife and the Zicken war. But according to US Weekly, harmony was just a shame. One source now reveals that Kate still doesn't like Prince Harry Harry (34). "Kate has the feeling Meghan used her to get the royal ladder up," he reveals.

Adoration at Christmas

Kate and Meghan are in a good mood

Meghan insulted

From this statement, Meghan is offended again. Meghans and Kate's good mood before Christmas Eve, as body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail a few days ago, was really just for fans and photographers.

The source continues: "Being under one roof meant they couldn't stay out of the way." Not that they understood each other well. Seems like the Christmas Scrabble game with Queen Elizabeth (92) hasn't solved all the problems in the royal house.

Kate feels "threatened" by Meghan

The journalist and royal expert Carole Malone (64) acknowledges that Kate feels "threatened" by Meghan's appearance in the royal family. Kate was perhaps a little upset when this beautiful American Hollywood star appeared on stage, she tells Sola. After all, so far Kate was in the center. It changed away since Meghan's involvement with Prince Harry.

Thomas Markle defends his daughter

But not only royal experts and insiders interfere with the seemingly very complicated relationship between the Dukes. Megan's father Thomas Markle (74) also speaks. He strengthens his back to his daughter, who often seems to be guilty. "I'm very upset about the criticism Meghan gets," he says.

And further: "If there is any hostility between Meghan and Kate, they should settle their differences". But what happens between Kate and Meghan, Thomas Markle can't know. Since the big wedding, he has no contact with his daughter. (EUC)

A friend hooked her up

So Harry and Meghan became a couple

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