Dubosc, Perret, Polnareff, Sebbastien: Celebrities in yellow vest

adminNovember 28, 2018

Movement apolitical anonymous yellow bags has now gained the enhancement of personalities of cinema and show biz. Brigitte Bardot has even released his 4L white.

The singer Pierre Perret was the first to rally the cause of yellow vests. It was exclusive in newspaper voting at the beginning of the movement.

He is not alone anymore. facilitator Patrick Sébastien"who comes from this rural France forgot by the authorities" and who "understand that it no longer supports inequality" also expressed its sympathy for the challenge. He, however, calls to demonstrate firm but festive.

It was surprising that Brigitte Bardot also had his dog, Renault 4L white and his yellow vest. "Despise of the elite, I'm with you," she launched from Saint Tropez.

The singer Michel Polnareff also participated in this concert … on the day before the release of a disc.

"We are not waiting for Patrick"

With or without his little tank top, his bathing suit and his boxes of Benco, the most famous camper in France Frank Dubosc send a message to the yellow creatures and to all of you who suffer: We must be with you, we favor them, we must find something, "wrote the humorist.

Before he suggests that he will try to mobilize other personalities: "I'm talking to friends." It remains to see if Paulo (Antoine Dulery), Jacky (Claude Brasseur), Sophie Gatineau (Mathilde Seigner) and others will follow.

Rapper Kaaris also showed his support on the day of the first block of magnitude, November 17th.

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