DSDS: Mike Müller talks about fighting at 1.FC Cologne – another fan had serious injuries

adminDecember 27, 2018

Because Christmas was, the judge let him out – but he didn't have a happy holiday. Mike Müller (32) was released from custody on Christmas Eve. Now he reported to EXPRESS – and tells his version of the fierce stadium's fights.

He is Cologne, who sang on the RTL casting show "Germany seeks the superstar" for a small celebrity. And he is the FC fan who sat down after the rebellion in the last home game 1.FC Cologne against VfL Bochum (2: 3) in the Cologne-Ossendorf prison (read more here).

1812 fc büchenchen

Mike was involved in a fierce fight on a bush at Rheinenergie Stadium.

And the burden on him weighs heavily: attempted murder and dangerous body damage!

The investigation continues. Mike Mueller was only released on bail, he confirmed. "I can't really say much because the survey is still ongoing," Cologne says.

Mike Müller under conditions in general

Songs and father are under conditions that were first released. But he must personally report to the Cologne police every day. He is not allowed to approach the RheinEnergie stadium indefinitely.

Fan icon image pixelated

Fans of VfL Bochum and 1. FC Cologne in Rhein Energie Stadium

"For me, it's all a nightmare that I don't wake up properly," he says. "I'm so sorry for everything. I didn't want all that. I was heavily intoxicated. And those who know me, I hope, know that I'm not a wild type villain."

Fan of 1.FC Cologne is said to have extinguished the tongue

On the other hand, his stadium is an opponent, a 24-year-old from Cologne, FC fan as Müller. He almost didn't wake up from the nightmare.

mike miller dsds 1

The DSDS jury (from behind Dieter Bohlen, Fernanda Brandao and Patrik Nuo) was thrilled with Mike Müller's performances.

According to the EXPRESS information, the man on the tongue was stifling in the steepness that circulated the west side of the stadium, breaking with death in the hospital. Mike should have kicked him several times. "I'm very sorry for him," says the DSDS star now. "I want to apologize to him, I want to visit him to tell him how sorry I am. Unfortunately, it was not possible until now."

Mike Müller raises counter-advertising

The man is now responsive, should have been heard by the police.

But Mike Müller also raises complaints: "I've been beaten and violent words have fallen." The Cologne police also reported a dispute between the two FC fans, who preceded the physical confrontation. "Anyone who has done exactly what is still being investigated," said a police spokesman. It will also be about who hit and kicked who first and who so violently.

This is completely unclear after the previous situation, the statements of both participants and witnesses vary greatly according to the EXPRESS information.

Family holds for DSDS songs

One thing is for sure: Mike is now back with his wife and little son (1), celebrating Christmas with relatives and friends. "My family catches me, it stops and believes me. I just don't know what to do without them," the singer emphasizes. "We're pretty tucked away right now. I'm trying not to drop everything off her."

It is difficult. In his Veedel Bilderstöckchen Müller and the event is the theme of conversation. "We can hardly believe all this, we don't know him as violent," says one neighbor. "When it comes to FC, he can freak out, in the positive as in the negative, it's well known. But so far not as fierce as it is said now …"

Mike Müller: From the sidewalk to the skyline and back

From the sidewalk to the skyline – and back again. This is how Mike Müller's "Singing Kehrmännchen" TV career can be described.

The then Kølens garbage collector with velvet theme used in 2011 Dieter Bohlen's "Germany looks for superstar", enthusiastically in the season next to Sarah (and Engels) and Pietro Lombardi (read more about Mike Müller at DSDS).

The jury was full of praise. In contrast to the two finalists, the boy flew from the Bilderstadckchen, but in "Top15 live show" early out – too few calls from the audience.

Then he continued to work as a garbage man, the dream of singing a career was not fulfilled.

Read here what became of other former American Idol candidates.

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