DSDS Jury 2019: You're annoying!

adminJanuary 9, 2019

With Dieter Bohlen, 64, Xavier Naidoo, 47, Pietro Lombardi, 26, and Oana Nechiti, 30, Germany has the best DSDS jury of all time – which rubs RTL spectators into all episodes during the nose. We also love the new jury members, but you can overdo it. Sorry, you're annoying!

Dieter Bohlen: Shift a gear

Rarely was the mood of the DSDS jury so good. Dieter regularly plagues friend Pietro – and everyone laughs about it. In each episode you can feel that the jury members are on the same wavelength:

Best jury. It is fun to see how well you understand each other and how much you have

write one Instagram-Userin. And we see it exactly the same way. BUT: RTL exaggerate It's pretty nice to the jury's hype. Most of the time, the feeling of having Dieter and the candidates explain how great the new composition is. We got it! Both in the opening episode, as well as in the other episodes, Pietro and Co. presented again long and wide. This also comes on the public's nerves …

"I can't hear this self-happiness!"

it Facebook-User is merciless:

How often should jokes be jostled down to the jury?

Why are you presenting the jury for each episode that we already saw on Saturday.

It's a lame, swept jury! Nothing more! Stop selling such a nonsense!

Ouch! Maybe DSDS makers with "self-congratulations" in the future a little back.

Does it also annoy you? Give your vote in the vote.

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