DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen adds new video – and the net goes through completely!

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Dieter Bohlen brings the network to a halt with a new clip.

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You can hide a lot about DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen, but his humor cannot deny him. The 64-year-old showed up again.

Frankfurt – Pop Titan has hit again! DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen adds a video to his Instagram account – and the net goes through completely! What's up?

DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen has almost 900,000 followers on Instagram

Dieter Bohlen's career knows only one direction: steeply up. Either as part of the pop duo "Modern Talking" with Thomas Anders (more than 120 million records sold worldwide) or as a jury member of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (DSDS) What affects the 64-year-old becomes gold, This also applies to the multi-talented Instagram account. He was brought to life only this summer. Meanwhile, Dieter Bohlen can fall back on a fan base with nearly 900,000 followers.

Pretty flexible, Dieter – but think!

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And the fans are celebrating DSDS boss. Sometimes Dieter Bohlen sends wet greetings from the bath. Sometimes he shows his girlfriend Carina in a tight-fitting bikini. The man who lives in Tötensen (Lower Saxony) and Mallorca has understood the game with the media. Well, the music likes to have one as well Post in no time raushaut. Then again.

New Instagram Video: Does DSDS Chief Dieter Bohlen Work Yoga ?!

"Hello in Dieters yoga lesson"Bohlen welcomes the audience with his usual brilliant smile when he announces that he wants to do one of his favorite exercises." Camera cut, we see the DSDS leader stretching his right leg at an absurd angle to a door frame.

The pop titanium buffs hard, squeezing out a "breathing is important, people" between the lips. Then the resolution had: Dieter Bohlen just a sneaker in his hand, which got stuck in a sweatpants' sweatpants! with just legs and tight boxes shorts The joker waddles out of the picture, in the background a soft giggle – possibly the girlfriend Carina.

DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen: Users break with laughter in tears

In the comments below the video – almost 2500 in number – the network becomes completely. "I can no longer," snaps a user. "I'm throwing you away, you've been sweeping my day", write another. In addition, countless smileys with laughs in the eyes. Many users also praise the tight-fitting panties that Dieter Bohlen wears in his Instagram video.

Vanessa Mai and Co .: DSDS chief Dieter Bohlen produced countless German musicians

Dieter Bohlen not only celebrated success on stage. Jack of all trades wrote and produced countless hits for German starsFor example, for Andrea Berg, Yvonne Catterfeld or Vanessa Mai (Fans in Concern: What has pop singer on her chest?). In 2002, the autobiography of the music cinema arose, four years later Dieter Bohl's life came to cinema as a cartoon.

Music, TV – and now also social media – Dieter Bohlen (64) is a real jack-of-all-trades!

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Private, it didn't always work well with the native Berner (Lower Saxony). Two relationships with Nadja Abd el Farrag were through Flash marriage and divorce with or by Verona Feldbusch (today Pooth) canceled. Since 2006, the DSDS boss has a girlfriend Carina. And here you can watch the yoga clip in full length:

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