DSDS 2019: False Prince of Arabia is mercilessly destroyed by planks

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Royal's visit to DSDS: Prince Ralph Laurenz of Arabia (22) made an excellent appearance in front of the jury. However, Dieter Bohlen (64) was not blinded.

DSDS 2019: Prince of Arabia impresses the jury – but only with one thing

Update from January 9, 2019: With a strange outfit Prince Ralph Laurenz of Arabia (22) would score in the "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" jury. And, look, it worked before. Sequined jacket, gold chain and sparkling shoes could hardly be overlooked, even Dieter Bohlen (64). On top of that, the wrong title of nobility.

"Love, beware. What has to do with Prince Laurenz of Arabia's nonsense, Pop Titan asks immediately. For the flashy clothes, the planks have nothing left." Who was the worst clothes so far? Then I want to say Prince Lauren of Arabia. "

The plan to be noticed by his appearance went for the 22-year-old ever. Then Dortmund wanted to convince with song "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke.

The performance itself surprised. The Prince of Arabia even beat some sounds. But Dieter Bohl's bad sentence immediately followed: "It couldn't be worse. You have no chance in this job!" "The rest of the jury couldn't convince the Prince of Arabia. However, there is no reason why the 22-year-old should give up." I will look for a new name and be raised from scratch, "Prinz says in his appearance.

If you missed the weird look of Prince Ralph Laurenz in Arabia, you can see the scene again at RTL.

DSDS 2019: Candidate Marius reveals tragic fate – so he beat the jury

Update at 21.55: Now DSDS candidate Marius Müller was presented in the show – also on his sad fate RTL went much into a movie (see update at 16.30 clock). The audience then anxiously waited for the young man to convince the jury of himself. The 20 year old song "Say Something" by A great big world and Christina Aguilera, Although his appearance was quite strong, the DSDS jury had concerns. Finally, Marius got a "yes" four times – he is in the recall!

In the net he has won some fan – but some have doubts.

DSDS candidate Marius had a two-year bad accident – later he was bullied

Update from January 8, 2019, 4:30 pm: An emotional look moves "Germany seeks superstar" lawyers for Dieter Bohlen in the second episode of the current season. When Marius Müller (20) introduces herself to the DSDS jury, it soon becomes clear that the young man is almost blind in one eye.

The cause: a tragic accident. "When I was two years old, a glass water bottle exploded next to me. My mother had previously bought drinks and put them down safely. However, there was probably too much pressure on a bottle," said Marius Müller in an interview with Bild.

A tragic accident changed Marius Müller's life. His fate affected.

© MG RTL D / Stefan Gregorowius

DSDS 2019: Marius Müller can hardly see anything on the left eye since the accident

The accident had serious consequences for him, since he can only see 20 percent of his left eye since then. But the DSDS candidate is now even happy that he was still so young in the event. "That was how I got used to it," explains Marius Müller.

But in school, the 20 year old had a difficult time. He was subjected to bad court every day. "I was bullied because of my appearance," says Marius Müller. "I was a little thicker and I also saw schiele. Some kids started going for me and said" you disabled children. "I don't like to think back in time. I don't want to experience everything again."

DSDS 2019: His music stops Marius Müller

But his music stops Marius Müller in this difficult time. When he was 15 years old, his singing teacher made him aware of his talent, says Marius Müller. Since then she has been a coach.

Whether the 20-year-old can convince the DSDS jury itself and goes into the recall, Tuesday evening at 20:15 clock shows RTL,

Video: Joaquin – a man, a guitar, and a song

DSDS 2019: This "nobleman" tries his luck in the gang show

Update from January 8, 2019, 2:30 pm: For bizarre performances, the talent show "Germany after Superstar" still shows. But it has probably never been the case: in the second episode of this year's season, jury members, as expected, assumed high attendance by pop titan Dieter Bohlen. The self-proclaimed "Prince Ralph Laurenz of Arabia" attempts to convince the jury members of his interpretation of the song "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke.

In reality, the "prince" is just called Laurenz Balz from Dortmund, but the 22-year-old is sure: "You can still make music so well, if you don't have a difficult stage name, it won't work." If he likes his scene name yellow recall note will help? It is probably the right doubt.

As Laurenz comes to the DSDS jury and which candidates come to the next round, RTL shows Tuesday night at 20:15.

Which jury members are in this year's DSDS season, read on


Eklat in the first DSDS episode – then Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi respond

January 6, 2019 Update: Despite the turbulent start, at least one of the successes of the new season is DSDS safe. "Xavier with his absolute expertise in music, Pietro as the star of all the boys and former DSDS winners – and the crazy dancer Oana: We have never had such a good composition," said the pop-titan "Picture" Day after the first episode all " Mega ".

Teammate Pietro Lombardi prefers to let the audience decide and after the first episode, a poll starts on their Instagram account. "Mega" doesn't find it there, "always the same sh …", one of the Lombardi fans says.

Video: Dieter Bohlen makes fun of stuttering

The DSDS scandal in the opening sequence – candidate submits with the jury

Cologne – The new year begins with a new DSDS season: For the 16th time RTL, Dieter Bohlen and his jury colleagues look for a new superstar.

And the TV channel shows a shock scandal right at the first episode. This was already evident from a previously published on the RTL.de clip, including picture report it. In the center: the 21-year-old Fabrizio Giordano.

Pforzheimer struts on high-heeled shoes and with bulging lips in front of the jury, introduces himself as friendly as Fabrizio. Then he puts on an exalted look: "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse he performs movements and certainly not all notes appropriately.

it picture reported in advance even more details about his outrageous appearance. According to his own words, Fabrizio is a majority of the dance title bearer – that is what doubt juror Oana Nechiti (30), even a dancer. "I do not know how to express myself. On the note is 16-German German champion in dance. (…) I understand that you are here to sing, but only these steps, which must also have some aesthetics or look. I wasn't that horny. "

Fabrizio comes in contact with the jury.

© Screenshot RTL

Candidate for DSDS lawyer: "Don't listen to yourself anymore"

A little later he sneaks at the juror: "You don't have to waste so many words, I don't hear anyway. Next!"

The jury Pietro Lombardi is also stunned by Fabrizio's achievements. "Are you serious or do you have fun?" Lombardi asks. "It has been like helium for a short time, as if you had inhaled a balloon."

Bad words like Fabrizio can't sit on. "Like your first audition," counts the former DSDS winner.

Finally, Fabrizio will probably be more relaxed. "Sorry, not afraid of the diva. You're going to go loose. No problem. If you say I can't sing, I can't sing."

Fan speculation: Was something cut out for the DSDS candidate?

Also Pforzheimer newspaper reports of the scandal – there were statements by readers that things could have been different and that RTL might have deliberately omitted some passages.

Still, the question of whether Fabrizio has reached the recall should have done well there …

On the other hand, DSDS candidate Alica, who won the Golden CD with his starring companion, surpassed all other applicants.

By the way, did you know that Sarah Lombardi used to show herself naked on DSDS?

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