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Friday 30th. November 2018

Books – Marwan Tayeb:
Rania Youssef has claimed much controversy over the past few hours after she had a bold look at the audience during the final ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival at her 40th session this year.

A number of celebrities were keen to comment on the Rania dress through social networks, including Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris, who commented: "I have a dress to Rania Youssef, the salvation of Time Line. I'm ordered, keeping Palestine and Trump unite with China , North Korea, Take the league.

Naguib Sawiris

"The truth is that the Rania Youssef dressing group is the last theme" Runway ", the year of the world's most important brands and the fact that it's very expensive, but the most important thing is that it's sweet and well suited to the body and the fact that it suits The event, Rania Youssef is an artist who appeared in the form of international artists at an international film festival. "

The artist Edward watched the artist Rania Youssef during his program "Cairo Today" on Thursday night and confirmed the appearance of "Hatqlb World" and appointed Ahmed Saadani through his official account on "Toter", as he expressed his opinion in the view of Rania, and said : Jackson and her addicted Macnach Bayainh updated the feeling of her shorter Tread, she wants to prove that the world cattle of Dahrha.

Ahmed Al-Saadani

While Sama al-Masri attacked her and commented on her appearance: "Dana Talat is guided for Rania Youssef, of course if I wore it, it would be time for me to wear it and I would stand in front of the party door. time journalists and journalists worked high for six months before, Maalash I'm the daughter of black spirit. "

Sama El Masry

"Stop the bold headlines, what Rania Youssef did on the carpet at the final ceremony at the Cairo International Film Festival, is not controversial, it's a crime called" violation of public morality and morality, "she said. Therefore, she and those who are allowed to to pass through this form is being investigated. "

Suh al - & # 39; Al
Kuwaiti broadcaster Mei El-Aidan commented Ranias Syn through a tweet that was published on her official account at Instagram and said, "Rania Youssef Riaha Cairo Film Festival is a nude cassette that brought Adel Imam's statement to what he said was a dress without worries, and the sister says she regretted her scenes Bold ".

Mai Idan

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