Dream ship on 26.12 .: ZDF finds no new captain, Veronica Ferres candidate

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If the last two episodes of "dream ships" with Captain Sascha Hehn aka "Viktor Burger" happen in Christmas and New Year, everything will work as usual. But the perfect world is deceptive.

After decades of quiet swells under producer legend Wolfgang Rademann (†), the once proud TV steamer has become a storm after his death.

ZDF has been looking for a successor to Sascha Hehn for one year – without success. We explain the reasons.

Sascha Hehn Victor Burger Dream Ship

He still had a hat – soon no more: Sascha Hehn as captain "Viktor Burger" aboard the "dream ship".

For Captain Hehn not only left a (from his point of view) sinking ship, his criticism also hit a core: "The series has lost its charm."

"Dream Ship" misses modernization

This is partly due to lack of attention to detail from a Rademann, but also because the Dickshiffe transmitter (ZDF) and the production (polyphonic) missed a necessary modernization of the format.

Like the straight-line "Lindenstraße" in ARD, which can act as a blueprint. "It's an open secret, even on the set," a production employee told us. "Alone, it's hard to change it. No one has done it yet."


Veronica Ferres would make a good captain.

And here can be the rabbit in pepper, why the transmitter in the successor seeks Hehn so damn heavy. Top candidates like Hardy Krüger jr. and Veronica Ferres seems to have a hard time signing, others like Francis Fulton-Smith or Sky du Mont said immediately.

The latter on our demand clearly: "I have not been asked, but it is not necessary. I do not want to."

1807 sky du mont doku shooting

Sky du Mont does not want to be a dream ship captain.

"It should already be a name presented," insider continues. "But the negotiations are difficult, too many candidates are also afraid of being the last" dream ship "captain and grave digger in television history. Who wants to be Markus Lanz in the dream ship?" He was known to last as the last "Wetten, att ..? "- moderator not happy.

Francis Fulton-Smith played among others. already politician Franz Josef Strauss.

Francis Fulton-Smith played among others. already politician Franz Josef Strauss.


Getty Images Entertainment / Getty

It drives a ship to nowhere? ZDF confirms on our demand the ongoing search, which, in light of the new consequences of a PR disaster (a new name would have ensured positive attention shortly before the mailings) and the duration is an embarrassment. "The successor is not ready yet," said the talking company Anja Scherer.

"In recent weeks, the movie for a new episode of" The Dream Ship "has happened in Zambia – but only for land-based scenes. The crew-on-ship scenes are shot like in January every year."

Photography still threatens

It is true – but in earlier films there were also scenes with the captain on land, where this special profile as a "completely under all circumstances" could show. They fall away now. Otherwise, it would have threatened a rotation stop, which is still in the room.

Even a scenario without a captain or with changing captains should exist. Scherer would not comment on request yesterday.

It says ZDF to the "dream ship" future

A ship without a captain would also be quite a nightmare for the station. When we talk about how long the "nightmares" under these circumstances can enter into the unknown, is doubtful. Only one thing was certain: "The series will be continued during the year 2019/2020," Scherer explains.

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