"Dream ship fell into the storm": Actress reports from the TV

adminDecember 27, 2018

After five years she watches TV again on Wednesday. With ZDF dream ship Gila von Weitershausen (74) it goes to Hawaii.

Why is she so rare? From Weitershausen to BILD: "In today's filming for TV productions, pressure and stress are too good for me. So I concentrated more on shopping. I prefer to stand on stage rather than in front of camera. to develop a role. "

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Photo: Dietmar Hasenpusch / dpa

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Since 2015, the Amadea movie location of the ZDF series "The Dream Ship"Photo: Dietmar Hasenpusch / dpa

How was it on the dream ship? "I was on the ship for four weeks and found it incredibly beautiful. But when we got to sea, we came into a storm. It took three days. More than half of the passengers and the crew were flat. The ship's doctor had a lot to do. "

You didn't mind. Von Weitershausen: "I sat on deck 10 in the evening. The waves hit the windows up there. In the restaurant a glass was broken. I found it exciting."

Gila von Weitershausen spent four weeks on the dream ship and had eight days of shooting. She did not know when it was Sascha Hehn's (64) last trip as a TV captain.

She at BILD: "That Sascha Hehn wanted to stop was not a problem. He was in a good mood and we even played golf together in Hawaii. It was a great honor that he took me to the golf course. Sascha was very identified with the role and spoke a lot with the right captain. "

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