Dramatic. Zoe do Pipo parents say "he did everything in detail to disappear" – National

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Zé do Pipo has been missing since November 5 after he went home and said he was going to the bank … but never returned home. His car was found by his parents at the beach in Portinho da Areia in Peniche … And they have little hope of returning to find their son Luís Martins, who for many years incarnate the singer Zé do Pipo.

In an interview with Manuel Luís Goucha, Carlos and Rosa, parents of Zé do Pipo, tell information about the son's disease, which had bipolarity and depression.

"Do you still hope your son is alive?" Ask Goucha. "No! Not derived from the disease he had, the highly advanced bipolarity derived from certain things he used to see the tide, he told the psychiatrist that he would do what we had in mind," explains the singer's father.

"She told the woman if she would ever forgive her, and she stopped being intimate with the family, stopped talking to the family, told the family directly that she didn't feel anything for us, for life," she added.

"On November 1st, on Allhelgerdag, he told his wife that he should ride and move from his country, Vau to Peniche, to the site of Portinho da Areia, where he had We had to call him and we asked him, so Nuno, are you better? ”He picked up the phone, which he had not done for a long time.

And how do you deal with his illness? Asked Goucha. "We responded by not letting him leave the house, not letting him drive, and as far as possible we were guarding him, except that a week before the disappearance he was a great actor … He gave in how he improved that he was better, from there we start to see what he did. "

"Our son had a bipolar disorder and he suffered from depression. In 2016, he had 3 to 4 months of arrest due to depression," they reveal.

"In 2017, he left the medicine for self-recreation because he felt better. He completely cut off the medicine without weaning." Oh mother, I feel so good because I'm going to do weaning? ""

"From August 2018, the one who began to feel that emptiness, it was already a victim of leaving home, came back to take medication. The psychiatrist wanted to give drugs that allowed him to do the shows, which many had to do December, practically, they were almost every day, "they reveal.

Do you think the fact that the psychiatrist said it was incompatible with the medicine with the shows being the end, asks Goucha.

"That's it, everything leads us to believe it was." It was when he fell into loneliness, it was a doll … Life didn't make sense to him.

"On the day the daughter-in-law tells me that Nuno was missing … Nuno left home at 2.30 on November 5 to say he was going to the bank and the pharmacy. He went to the bank, but he did not go. I said I wanted to go to the bank on for a moment … and then the daughter-in-law of Óbidos called the police and called me and said he was missing the coast, which is already fearing the worst, I was in the place where we thought it was, in the Portinho da Areia beach , at that time the car was not there, the cell phone had turned off … "

The parents of Zé do Pipo believe in the worst outcome, that the son decided to end his life as a result of the disease. "That's where I taught him to swim," her mother cries. "That's where he wanted to go was where I taught him to swim."

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