Drama! Death of Eliana's mother, "Married", shrouded in macabre mystery – National

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Eliana, from "Gift at First Sight", spoke for the first time of a tragedy that has marked her life since she was 19 years old.
Surfer's ex-wife Dave lost her mother traumatically when she was 7 months pregnant.

"An uncle called me to tell me what had happened. No death is good, much less Mama. My mother died charred inside the apartment."The participant of the SIC reality show in the conversation with Júlia Pinheiro, without hindering her tears.

"What the police told me at that time was that she had been found in bed, in sleeping position." She hadn't felt anything, "she continued, but soon Eliana realized that it was a mystery associated with the tragedy.

"After an hour I went to the fire service commander, and he told me my mother was found on the floor next to the bed," he said. "Who lied to me and why?"

Eliana reveals details of her mother's tragic death

Eliana further explains that her mother, who had been divorced from her father for years, fought against a "depression", but in their last months of life was "happy".

"I told everyone I was going to be a grandmother, and I was very happy, I went out with a friend the day before I had added a note to the neighbor to tell if I went to the ball to call her."

"I thought you were lying to me. The police told me one thing, the firefighters said another, the result of the autopsy never came. In my head I thought my mother would live from here and that they simulated a death so she could live and no one was looking for her, "Eliana explained, who took years before she managed to deal with the pain.

His mother's death "happened in August," Eliana's son, Francisco, was born 3 months later.

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