Drake's reaction to Adele's presence at his concert proves that they are the biggest fans of the others

adminOctober 14, 2018


It takes a lot for one of the most popular rappers in the world to be in their feelings, but Drake's reaction to the presence of Adele in his concert proves that even the stars are surprised. On Friday, October 12, the "Hello" singer tweeted about her. Amazing experience at the Drake concert., and when the word returned to the rapper, he shook himself. (And I'm glad he did not know that she was there).

Adele started things tweeting,

"Oiii Champagne Papi amazed me tonight! The best production I've seen without stopping and with one of my favorite shows of all time.

The concert attended by Adele is the first of the three that will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Billboard. That means the queen of the ballad made sure she was there for Drake's opening performance. Given the large number of fans he has and the records of who is broken, it would not have been too surprising if the singer of "One Dance" took this information calmly. Instead, Drake revealed that he is as much a fan of Adele as she is of him. He shared a screenshot of the British singer's tweet on Instagram and wrote in the caption:

"Oiiiiiii do not bother me * right now, I love this woman and she came to the show, thank God, nobody told me it would have been SHOOK".

The perfect reaction of Drake and the love of Adele for the interpreter make the Internet demand a collaboration, and if it has a sense of déjà vu, that is because these two icons caused rumors of collaboration in 2015.

The mutual admiration of Adele and Drake is nothing new, but it is always good to remind them how much they love each other's work. During a 2015 interview with the Canadian outlet eTalk, the singer of "Someone Like You" said about a possible remix of "Hotline Bling" and "Hello", "I really want us to do an official remix, I love Drake, I love Drake. . much." She was not exaggerating either. Adele was living the "Hotline Bling" life in 2015, as reported by PeopleHe even bought a bloated red jacket like the one the rapper uses in the music video.

Drake was equally excited to gather "Hello" and "Hotline Bling" at that time. According to People, he told reporters in Toronto,

"I would do anything with Adele, I would literally go to Adele's house right now and wash her clothes."

Unfortunately, the remix never materialized, but it seems that these two have not stopped being great fans of each other. Could that mean that there is still hope for a collaboration in the future? Anything is possible, and your fans are definitely here for that.

Whether or not these two serve the duet that the world is longing for, it is wonderful to see stars of their caliber appreciating each other's work. It's a nice reminder that celebrities are fans too. Now, if they just took this time to finally make the "Hotline Bling" and "Hello" remix really happen, everything would be perfect, because there is no time limit to create something so incredible.


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