Drake reveals what lies behind his Kanye West fight

adminOctober 13, 2018

They have been fighting in the public eye for months, but on Friday, Drake gave fans an idea of ​​why things went wrong between him and his former friend Kanye West.

During a candid conversation on the HBO program of LeBron James The store, the Canadian rapper, 31, detailed the betrayal he felt when West dropped his album, Ye, weeks before Drake's own album, Scorpion.

Before the launch, Drake claimed that he and West had connected in the studio. There, West allegedly pressured Drake to reveal details about Scorpion, convincing him that he had good intentions and never revealed that he was working on an album of his own.

"He sold me in all this" I'm in a great place, I'm making money, and I'm a father, and I want to be Quincy Jones and help him. "But to do that, you have to be transparent with me, you must play your music and You have to tell me when you're going to fall, and I know you do not like doing things like that, "Drake recalled. The store. "I guess we all felt a genuine vibration for that, so I played my music and told him when it was falling."

It was not just Drake playing music. West also supposedly played Drake's compasses on "Lift Yourself", a song he would later release. But West supposedly never revealed that, instead of promising the melody of Degrassi: the next generation alumni "He played me & Lift Yourself & # 39; & # 39; and told me," I, you can have this if you want & # 39; and I was exaggerated. "I started writing," said Drake . "And then he said, & # 39; You should come to Wyoming & # 39;".

Wyoming, as fans can remember, is where West was working Ye. But Drake only had a clue about it when producer Noah "40" Shebib arrived at Jackson Hole ahead of schedule.

"He was like, man, I'm here a day before, man, something is wrong," Drake recalled. The store. "He's like," This guy is working on an album. "And I was like," Really? He just told me he wanted to work, like he said he wanted to give me beats. " And he said he was not going to fall until October, November, something like that. And I'm like, "Everything's fine, let's go and see what it's about."

It turned out to be all about West, according to Drake. "I went and ended up spending most of the time working on his music, just trying to get him to like the ideas for him," Drake said. "Just trying to help out … I spent all my time working on his music, we went with 'Stand up yourself' and a pat on the back."

There was also a time for Drake to explore his own music. While in Wyoming, Drake said he played West on his song "March 14," which addresses his relationship with the mother of Adonis, the 11-month-old son. The two even had a discussion about their personal lives, with Drake showing the father of three children a picture of his own son, who at the time was a secret. "I tell him I'm having problems with my son's mother, we had a conversation," Drake said. The store.



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Days later, news of Drake's son emerged. Then came the news about West's album and the Pusha T album (which West produced) – his release dates are suspiciously close to the time that Drake was ready to fall Scorpion. Next, West released "Lift Yourself" himself.

That's when Drake said he realized, "Oh, this guy is tracking me." This was like a manipulation, like, "I want to break you." In response, Drake pulled away. "I said:" Alright, I'll be back. to distance myself again. I know what this is. & # 39; "

Drake said he leaned back and watched as Pusha T released his album, with the song "Infrared," in which the rapper called Drake for allegedly using a ghostwriter. "There's a song of disgust towards me that you produced, is that talking about writing?" Drake said. "I was there with you as friends helping you, and now you're dissuading me? So I'm like, Man, this is dark."

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Pusha T and Drake

Pusha T and Drake

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Fans know what happened from there. There was a war of words, with Drake and Pusha T exchanging insults in social networks and dissident tracks, the most scathing of which was "The Story of Adidon" by Pusha. Among his attacks were rhymes that mocked Drake's new wrath, alleged habit of moving away from relationships, his mother (by name), and a set of letters that revealed the fact that Drake had sired a child with the former adult film star Sophie Brussaux (Drake would later verify long-standing rumors about Scorpion).

All those were good, said Drake in The store, but he said that Pusha crossed a line by exposing the battle of Shebib with multiple sclerosis.

"People love to say, like rap purists and people who love confrontation, they love to say," Yes, there are no rules in this regard. " But there are rules at this point … "Drake explained." And I'm going to say something to you: it's like, I knew something was going to come up about my son. They had to add the best to make it more attractive, which is fine. I understand that. Even that, I was like, fine. Mom and dad, whatever. You do not even know my family. But I tell you, wishing death to my friend who has MS? "

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Drake said it was so bad that he decided to get away from the battle altogether.

"I study rap battles to make a living," said Drake. "Now, when you mention helpless people who are sick in the hospital, who died, that really sent me to a place where I believed in that moment, and now I believe, that there is a price you have to pay for that. It's over. You will get … someone is going to punch you in the face. The s – 'done, the event is over. I wanted to do other things. I did not want to improve your reputation or your career by responding to you and having this exchange. And that was all for me. "

Duck did Record an answer, he said. He was closed and charged to leave, but he never let go. "I came home and I just heard it, and I thought, man, this is not something I want to be remembered for," Drake said. The store. "This is not even a place I necessarily want to go. And to all the people who enjoy that, I take off your hat.

Looking back, Drake says he's happy to be away. "I feel pure, I feel good. I took that energy and put it in me, not you. You have not given me that. "

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Even so, Drake showed Pusha T some respect for "The Story of Adidon," and called it "a hell of chess movement."

"The song, I thought it was garbage. But the chess movement was a genius, "said Drake." Against the wall. I get dirty or fall backwards and I have this kind of cracks in my armor for the rest of the time to a rap purist. Which is fine, I can live with that. I would rather live with that than with the things I was about to … the research I did, the things I was going to say, and the places I was going to go. Not only for him, but also for the other. "

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Meanwhile, in September, West seemed ready to put his fight with Drake behind him, apologizing in a series of tweets for his participation in the ongoing fight.

"I understand where the confusion started," West wrote. "Let me start by apologizing for stepping on your release date in the first place … We were building a bond and working together on music We talked about doing" Get up "together I should have given you the opportunity to do this together before launching it. As we were building as friends and brothers, I should have talked to Pusha about Quentin Miller's bar, there should not have been songs with my participation that had any negative energy towards you. "

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"This is all Jedi level," said West. "I will go to your show in the next seven days to give love and be inspired by the art you have created."

However, it did not last long. At the end of that month, West jumped to Instagram and married Drake (among others).

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