Dragons of Daenerys wouldn't really be dragons – Game of Thrones – It's Spoiler Time!

adminDecember 28, 2018

While waiting for the last season of the TV phenomenon, some details are a joy to fans who are eager to know what will happen in the big epic battle. But if that's something we definitely didn't expect was a theory that invalidated the nature of the beloved dragons Daenerys.

According to released a fan in reddit, these animals would not fall into the category of dragons, since they have four legs and two wings. Instead the creatures perfectly match the description of a Wyvern, a legendary mascot known for medieval stories whose figure has two legs and a pair of wings.

¿Wyvern's mother? In the world of George R.R. martin everything is possible. And if not, have a look Recent illustration of the ice riders of white hikers as the author shared on their account Twitter. Apparently, they would have been designed for a calendar of 2020, although we can be lucky and we see them star in the famous fight between the living and the dead.

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