Dragon Ball Super: These are all Goku transformations in history

adminDecember 31, 2018

January 10, the film comes to Peruvian cinemas Dragon Ball Super: Broly, latest production of franchise off Akira Toriyama. This movie has led to great expectations and has only been shown in Japan, and it has already become the most successful premiere in history.

With so much enthusiasm from the fans, we've featured some important points in history Goku in their long years of life. On this occasion, it will be necessary to remember all their changes.

Through manga, series and movies of Dragon Ball, Goku It has received many transformations that have elevated it to great power to meet enemies: from a small protagonist who cannot control his power and becomes Oozaru, to its ultra-instinct phase was reached Dragon Ball Super.

In the list we have included non-canonical transformations – we want to detail it in the gallery – which has not been used again in the franchise.

About Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Movies "Dragon Ball Super: Broly " This was released December 14th In Japanese cinemas and the double version in Latin Spanish it is expected in our theaters January 10th Dragon Ball Super: Broly will tell us the fight between Goku and Vegeta against Broly, a Saiyayin that appears mysteriously in the earth after the destruction of the planet Vegeta. Everything seems to indicate that Broly is cursed from the planet to hide the fact that there was a baby with a level of fighting superior as Vegeta, who will motivate revenge of Broly against the Sai prince.

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