Dragon Ball Super | Manga in Spanish reveals how they reduced Fun, the immortal [FOTOS] | Read online | Spanish | Chapter 43 | Picture 1 of 17 | anime

adminDecember 27, 2018

Dragon Ball Super has more for the manga universe. It happens that we have already enjoyed Power Tournament from the hand of toyotaro Now, many anime reached its premiere in early 2018, and now we are facing new adventures, especially after the fight against Broly in his own film.

Even the story of Legendary Saiyajin It is earlier. The reason: Toyotaro Only released to the next story in manga. It's about & # 39;Prisoners of the galactic patrol& # 39; where to catch Majin Buu for the crime of killing a god.

You can find the pages in the gallery Sleeve of Dragon Ball Super translated into Spanish. There it is explained that Moro is an abominable being, since he has no scrub to kill a whole planet in order to continue living.

The villain confronted the gods and Galactic patrol to fall prisoner. Just for a hard blow from Sacred Kaio Shin, lost strength to fight and did not resist in his catch.

Unfortunately for the main characters of Dragon Ball Super Fun would have died, but he revived in a body where little is known. He used death to escape from prison, and now they must resume him. How do you think? Goku and Vegeta Will they be able to defeat a character feeds on life?

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