Dragon Ball Super | Goku is frightened by Moro's Ki, the new antagonist of the series

adminDecember 27, 2018

Sleeve off Dragon Ball Super has just shown the origins of the new antagonist of the series, which bears the name Moor, which turns out to be a wrestler and magician of powers off planetary proportions.

Chapter 43 of the manga tells us how ten million years ago, it Holy Kaio Sama (which is currently absorbed by the body Mr. Buu) fought Moro, who absorbed the entire planet's energy to continue living; later it shows how the god used a technique called Kai Kai Matoru, which he almost consumed all his divine power to seal Moro's magic, which, being deprived of it, ceased its opposition and allowed him to be captured.

Without going into much detail, Goku is informed that the mighty Fun is free after all this time and that he and Vegeta will be recruited as provisional members of the galactic patrol. The chapter ends with Goku and tries to find the villain Ki with the technique of teleportation; When we find his Ki in the middle of the universe, our protagonist is totally influenced.

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