Dragon Ball Super – Goku and Vegeta win new team uniforms!

adminDecember 28, 2018

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"Nothing much different from your original costumes!"

of Gus Fiaux → recently, Dragon Ball Super He entered his new history arc in the manga. Now we follow the saga off "Prisoners of the Galactic Patrol", who places Saiyans against a new and terrible villain, known as Moro Devourer, who just got their powers revealed.

But the one who believes it Goku and Vegeta will be able to prevent this threat far away, just fight with Galactic patrol. On the contrary, they need to join the space troupe, become new honorary members.

For them to be in battle, they are required to wear uniforms with the Galactic Patrol insignia – and apparently not so much. Fortunately, the new outfits are identical to their original uniforms, they only carry the corporate symbol.

At least they were lucky. In the volume of manga it is obvious that the patrol is trying to put the armor on them, but they are too heavy for one Saiyan. Because of this, they will end up winning this modified version of their own clothing.

Check out the image in the gallery below:

Manga of Dragon Ball Super is released in Brazil by Panini Comics.

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